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Florida Suncoast Chapter Board & 2002 Member, Frank Mann passed-away Sunday, January 3rd. A long-time member, Frank was considered one of the original 2002 members as well as a 2002 aficionado. Frank held multiple leadership positions within the FSC BMW Chapter over the years, as well as leadership roles within the local Alfa-Romeo Chapter.

Frank was a wealth of knowledge regarding legacy BMW’s. He knew virtually every shop/resource in the country and was always glad to point folks in the right direction. Frank poured himself into the details, not only automobiles…, guitars, wine and he knew every recipe for the very best Italian cuisine.

Sr. FSC Board Member, Russ Garvey, re-counts this anecdote about how activities can overlap, “I go to our car club and talk about home audio and I go to our audio club and talk about cars.” Maybe too many hobbies? Then I met Frank Mann and it was more or less, “I’ll see your BMW and stereo, and raise you custom guitars and several bottles of wine!”

It’s not about the cars…ever heard that before? With Frank it was his custom guitar business (a little side job), wine, home audio, old vinyl records, concerts (live guitar!), food and, oh yeah, cars. You could spend all day with Frank – and I have – and not once mention cars…other than the ones we traveled in to get to the records, or stereos, or wine or concerts, or well…you know. 

FSC & 2002 Member, Phil Howe, “Frank could walk in a room of 10 strangers and walk out with 10 friends”!  

A true friend and dedicated Chapter member.  Frank, we will miss you tremendously, we will never forget you!  To his wife Peggy, on behalf of the FSC BMW Members, we all send our love and condolences.

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  1. I only knew Frank for a few years but every time I went to see him to ask questions about my 2002 restoration or my 3.0 he was a wealth of knowledge on how to do this or that and where I could go for additional help. He showed me around his house in Bradenton and was looking forward to bringing my cars over there to his garage that he was just starting to build. He was the best person to go to for unlimited information on anything you wanted to know. A super nice guy that I will miss greatly.

  2. Frank was a member of the FSC board during most of my tenure as President. We shared many meals together and talked not just BMW’s but Alpha’s also. He was a storehouse of knowledge on both Marques. On several occasions we travelled (or attempted to travel) to the Vintage together. He always had a smile on his face and a nice words to say about everyone. I last spoke to Frank in October I had heard that he had been ill and I was just calling to check on him. He said he was feeling better and we started to discuss his E 24 very long term project. We ended the conversation with saying we hoped we would be able to get together at either the Vintage 2021 or Sharkfest 2021.

    Frank as stated you will be missed. My condolences to Peggy for your loss. Frank you were the perfect reflection for my favorite saying! “It is not about the cars it is about the people”.

    Bob Ziegler

    Bob Ziegler

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