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Are you an avid event attendee? Get the FSC official name tag:

  1. Download the form, click here to view and save the form, depending on your browser.
  2. Complete the downloaded form on your computer, follow the detailed instructions on the form.
  3. Review and Email your form to
  4. Call Crown Trophy at 239-540-9905 with your payment information
    Crown Trophy is located at 1333 Lafayette Street, Cape Coral 33904

WARNING: If you complete the form online and try to save it the entries will not be saved!


Enter the required fields at the lines with “Steps”
Step 1: Enter your name (YOUR NAME): Enter your Name.
Step 2: Date: Enter date of order (mm/dd/yyyy) Enter order date
Step 3: Select badge type – You can only order TWO badges per form
 Enter the number of Magnet Badges (and plate) you are ordering (price will automatically calculate) 

 Enter the number of Pin (Clasp-style Pin) you are ordering (price will automatically calculate)
Step 4: Badge#1 Enter the First Name desired on the badge
Step 5: Enter the First Last Name desired on the badge
Step 6: Optional Enter your membership status. Example: Member Since 2003
Step 7: Optional Enter your car type or if you hold a FSC elected/appointed office. Example: 1999 320i or Events Chair”
Step 8: Badge#2 (if you are ordering more than one Badge enter the information for the second badge (repeat Steps 4-7)
Step 9: Shipping Enter your U.S.Postal address (where you receive your U.S. Mail) where the badge will be shipped to or you can pick it up at Crown Trophy of Cape Coral  (861 SE 47th TerraceCape Coral, FL 33904) – just ask.
Step 10: Finish Review the order, save it and email it to follow up witha phone call (239-540-9905) to give them your credit card info

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