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Terms and Conditions are not meant to take the fun away from the drive, but rather to assure that it will be a pleasant event by making sure everyone is driving in a deliberately safe manner.

By completing and checking the Terms and Conditions for Driving Tours in the event registration form you are acknowledging that you have read these requisites carefully. 

Pre-Preparation Requisites

  • Waivers are required for FSC BMW CCA events that have a driving component.. ALL members and their guests MUST sign a waiver. If it is human they must sign the two waivers. All must sign and either the Adult or Minor Waiver. There are two ways to sign the Adult Waivers: online/electronically prior to the event or on paper at the event.  Save time, click here to sign ALL Waivers (Adult Participant, Parental Consent, Minor Participant Waiver) online/electronically prior to the event. This link will list all BMW CCA upcoming events that need waivers. Select the event that matches the Name, Venue and Date. Click here to view/download/print the adult waiver.
    Note: Electronic waivers are hosted by BMW CCA.

  • Arrive at the departure location with a full tank of gas. Fuel-stops are not typically planned into the route for tours under 150-200 miles in duration.
  • If you are driving alone, notify the Tour Leader (or Group Leader), in which case you can follow behind a Lead or Group Lead car or between cars with navigators or immediately in front of the Tail car. This placement is to minimize distracted driving by feeling the need to check a map or instructions. Just follow the leader!
  • Headlamps are required to be in the “on position” during the driving tour. Headlamps-on assists our Lead/Group Lead/Tail drivers in identifying participating BMWs from a distance, especially when driving on a major road.

Pre-Driving Requisites

  • Bear in mind that it is impossible to keep everyone together when we drive in traffic. Cars will get stopped at traffic lights and will get separated from the rest of the group. Do not run a light just to keep together.
  • If you are a lead driver for a group (Group Leader), pull off further ahead in a safe area and wait for the group to re-gather. Just make sure there is enough room for everyone to stop behind you.
  • Do not follow too close to the car in front of you but try to keep the group together. When you get a line of cars traveling together, you will end up having a so-called accordion effect. For example, when the first car takes off, everyone else will try to catch up and when they do, they will hit the brakes. By the time the last car in line sees the brake lights they usually will have to slam on their brakes. Always maintain a safe distance!
  • If you have not driven the route before, you are probably unfamiliar with blind-hills, blind-turns, and unexpected stops. The last thing we want is a car accident to happen on our road trip.
  • Remember this is a tour, not a race. At no time does the Chapter endorse or encourage anyone to drive over the speed limit or disrespect traffic signs. We are fortunate to have a liability policy that protects the organizers of the events and the Chapter, but it will take only one incident to put an end to it.

Through participating, you are representing the BMW CCA, a club comprised of drivers and enthusiasts that should be expected to be better drivers than the general public.  Do not give people a reason to hate BMWs and their drivers or label us as aggressive drivers.

At any time, you are free to pull off and do some sightseeing, shopping and/or depart the tour.  You will be provided with a contact phone number(s) prior to start of the drive. It is your responsibility to immediately inform the Tour Leader/Group Leader/Tail Driver before you stop or leave the group, so everyone knows there is nothing wrong with you or your car. If you cannot make a call, make sure to signal to the car behind that you do not have a mechanical issue and that the group should continue.

If you experience a mechanical problem, turn on your flashing hazard lights, pull off and open the hood, so the group will know that you need assistance. Please call the provided contact number(s) to inform the group about your situation.

If you are assigned, or become, the Tail Driver, and the group gets split, please inform the Lead Driver when all cars have made it through a stop light, stop sign, or turn.

Always obey all posted road signs, traffic signals and instructions.

** Enjoy the Ride! **

BMW CCA Social Drives are a membership benefit.  Non-member guests are always welcome as passengers!


  • DRIVING TOUR: A driving tour is an organized event in which participants gather at a start point defined on the FSC BMW CCA event insurance certificate. All participants sign liability waivers and depart in a group or groups consisting of both a Lead and a Tail car(s) driving the specified route, ending in a group or groups at the location identified on the insurance certificate.
  • TOUR LEADER:This person is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the driving tour. This includes coordinating the tour start point, end point, rest stops, etc. Additionally, the tour leader is responsible for ensuring an adequate participant safety briefing is conducted in accordance with FSC Minimum Driving Tour Standards, and that all waivers are signed.
  • GROUP LEADER: For driving tours with multiple groups, the Group Leader(s) are responsible for leading their respective groups in compliance with all instructions outlined by the Tour Leader and all FSC Minimum Driving Tour Standards.
  • TAIL: Also called the trailing or following car, the Tail is the car at the tail-end of the tour or group. The Tail’s duties include assisting any tour vehicle that pulled over, advising the Tour/Group Leader(s) if vehicles become separated from the group and advising the Tour/Group Leader(s) about any unsafe driving practices by a tour participant so the Tour/Group Leader(s) can take appropriate action. The Tail car also needs to communicate observed questionable practices. Depending on size of group or groups, Tail car may not be able to observe all unacceptable behaviors.
  • INSURANCE CERTIFICATE: The official liability insurance certificate issued by BMW CCA showing the insurance coverage, date of the event, and the start and end points for the event.
  • TOUR ROUTE: Each driving tour follows a specified route as planned by the Tour Leader and documented in the written (or electronic) driving directions. (Submittal required before Insurance Certificate can be completed).
    • It is assumed each participating driver possesses a current driver’s license and automobile liability insurance.
    • The Tour/Group Leader(s) shall conduct a formal participant/safety briefing for all tour participants prior to driving tour departure, including all items specified in the Safety Briefing Checklist for Driving Tours.
    • The cell phone numbers of all Tour/Group Leaders and Tail Drivers shall be provided to all participants.
    • As a minimum, route directions shall be provided to those tour participants whose primary duty is to safely navigate the tour route.
    • Each tour shall have an assigned leader per group (Tour/Group Leader) and a minimum of one Tail vehicle.
    • Each Tour/Group Leader(s) and Tail vehicle shall have a safe method of communicating within the group in compliance with local laws (e.g., hands free communications if required).
    • For tour groups that cannot maintain visual contact within the group, each Tour/Group Leader(s) and Tail vehicle shall have a minimum of two occupants for the purpose of conducting safe/legal communications.
    • The tour shall be conducted in compliance with speed limits and all other traffic laws.
    • Participants who intentionally separate themselves from the group before the tour destination are no longer considered part of the tour and no longer be covered under BMW CCA insurance.
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