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Beginning in 2017, BMW CCA (National) looked at chapters across the U.S. and began recommending chapter consolidation. In 2018, the leadership of Suncoast, First coast & Gulf Coast met and agreed on chapter consolidation to lessen the burden of administrative duties. The officers & boards of First Coast & Gulf Coast met and unanimously elected to pursue the merger. In 2019 Florida Suncoast Chapter (FSC) of the BMW CCA merged with two Florida Based Chapters (1) First Coast Chapter, and; (2) Gulf Coast Chapter. In May of 2019, the charters of both First Coast & Gulf Coast were sunset and all back office functions were assumed by Florida Suncoast, including, but not limited to Newsletter obligations, banking, membership and all record keeping functions.

As we progress, leaders of the First/Gulf Coast chapters, (i.e., Area  Regional Governors) are actively taking part in the redesign of a larger chapter structure that is focused on delivering a renewed BMW experience. This should result in more timely information about activities, not just in the greater Jacksonville area, but other areas throughout Florida. Events such as Meet-ups, Driving events, Track events at both Daytona & Sebring, Autocross, High-performance Driving Events (HPDE’s), Touring events, Car Show, Cars & Coffee’s, Dealer events & incentives, socials and more. While the name may have consolidated to Florida Suncoast, we recognize First Coast members and Gulf Coast members as a strong part of the new chapter design going forward.

On March 7th, 2020 Officers, Board Members and Area Governors from SunCoast, First Coast & Gulf Coast will be meeting to hammer out the events & activities and budgets for calendar-year 2020.  The commitment of talent and resources is unprecedented for all three chapters.  As a consolidated group, we are now more than ever, focused on delivering a higher level of experience for our chapter membership.   We think we have the right people in the right places focused on the right equation.  Hopes are members like yourselves will come out and take part.

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