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Vehicle Pulls to One Side


Mike Falconer







Hi Gil. Driving a 2002 BMW Z3 3.0 Roadster. 130K miles. Runs great. Very good condition. Just 2 fast questions.

  1. I store the car in the garage for a about 3 weeks at a time, as it is NOT my daily driver. Battery seems to get a little low when I do. Should I buy and hook up a battery tender, while it sits in my garage? What kind of batter tender??
  2. I had a slight pull to the right (passenger side) when I let go of the wheel. Feels like wheel alignment, do you think that is it?

I went to firestone and had the proper air pressure put in all 4 tires. She still pulled to the right, not as much but still a pull. Do you think this is an alignment thing?? My brakes are still good.


Hi Mr. Falconer, sorry for the delay answering the questions, been very busy at the shop. As far as your first question the answer is yes, you should have a battery tender if the vehicle sits for a week or more. BMW sells a charger that is very reasonable as far as price.

An alignment could cause the pull or if the belts on one of the tires are damaged, if you are able to switch tires side to side, starting at the front, if the vehicle pulls to the same side the alignment should be the issue, if not then one of the tires is damaged. I recommend an alignment once a year, the settings are very aggressive on most European vehicles and go off very easily. Please let me now if you have any other questions. Thank you.

Gil Neves


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