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Hi Stan,

For the last nearly 2 years I felt the club was only about Cars and Coffee. While I thought this was a good gathering of people with a love of all things BMW, I was so wrong! This past week stands out as a true “Peak Experience” for both my son Ryan and myself. We had so much fun and learned a great deal along the way. The club is made up of those like Rob and Irwin who have a wealth of driving experience and are willing to share their talents. Your scheduling of events went off like a well timed train schedule. All of this made it an amazing weekend. My life has been rather crazy and as such I had not spent time with Ryan in 3 years, we have both had fun and spent time that will be with us forever.

On Sunday, Rob invited us to join he and John to run some added back roads of NC and we gladly accepted. I learned what my car could do and they helped me with a lead and follow to help me better my M550i to keep up with the nimble M3’s. I found the added weight of my 5 made it fun to corner with them. My added HP allowed me to chase them.

Thank you so much for an amazing trip!


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