Opinion: BMW design lost the plot?

Opinion: has BMW design lost the plot?
We've been here before, so perhaps history can teach us. The 2001 BMW 7 Series threw our world into spasm. Its jowly face, slabby sides and grotesquely stepped rear stopped everyone in their tracks.

Supra vs Z4 pt1

TG's Toyota Supra mega-test pt1: Supra vs BMW Z4
Ne'er before have two cars been mentioned in the same breath more often. Supra and Z4, or 'Zupra' if you ask the wittier corners of the Top Gear office. We all know the story by now: Toyota wanted to revive the Supra badge but needed a partner to make it financially viable.

BMW M1 Lego

We must own this Lego BMW M1
You must have heard of Lego Ideas. It's a platform where people are invited to submit ideas for new Lego sets. Get to 10,000 'supporters', and something called the 'Review Board' seriously considers offering your set for sale as an official Lego product. And yes, you do get commission.

Hail 2002 Turbo

Gallery: all hail the BMW 2002 Turbo
We have a secret meeting with the M2's great-grandfather on the streets of Tokyo.

Prettiest Cars on Sale

Let's have an argument about the prettiest cars on sale
We've picked out the loveliest cars you can currently buy. You might disagree.

Z4 and Supra Looks

Why the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra look so different
BMW's design boss explains how to make contrasting sports cars from one platform

900bhp M5…ESTATE

This is a 900bhp BMW M5…ESTATE
German tuner Carbonfiber Dynamics doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer...

2020 BMW Bobsled

BMW is building a two-man bobsled for 2022
Forget the next M3, BMW is feeling the rhythm

$2.3million Collection

Take a look at this $2.3million BMW collection
13-car collection - including M1, Z8 and all the best M3s - is up for sale

Top Gear’s Speed Week

Welcome to Top Gear’s Speed Week 2018!
14 performance cars, many road trips and one shock winner: new TG mag out now

BMW 507 Review

BMW 507 review: classic 1950s roadster tested.

Z1 Review

Top Gear’s Retro Review of the BMW Z1