M2 Competition Proves

BMW M2 Competition Proves Something No One Thought Possible
For years we've been told over and over again that high-tech dual-clutch transmissions are better in nearly every way over manuals. In general, the sales figures accurately reflect this, but BMW M has stated on record a few times that it'll keep offering manuals as long as there's a market.

iNEXT Reveals Steering Wheel

2021 BMW iNEXT Reveals Polygonal Steering Wheel In New Teaser
Munich. The BMW iNEXT heralds the start of a new era of driving pleasure. Its capacity for highly automated driving is combined with extensive advancements in terms of interior design. The first BMW Group model in which the driver is no longer required to take care of the task of driving but can still actively take command at any time is fitted with a completely newly designed steering wheel.

Go 170 MPH

What It Was Like to Go 170 MPH in BMW's Swankiest Super Sedan
Last month, I drove the 2020 Alpina B7-a 600-horsepower evolution of the BMW 7 Series made by one of the company's most prominent tuners-near its headquarters just outside of Munich. We stretched its legs on the Autobahn and frankly, I've never felt like more of a baller.

M2 Competition Quicker in Manual

Is the BMW M2 Competition is actually quicker with a manual?
For over a decade, we've watched performance automakers ditch manual transmissions for automatic or dual-clutch transmissions for performance reasons. There's no question, automatics can shift far, far faster than humans can with manuals. It's not even close, actually. Or is it?

Record-Breaking Sales

BMW Posts Record-Breaking Sales Figures for First Half of 2019
Despite facing strong headwinds on several markets and plenty of uncertainty for the near future, BMW sales have gone up this year, with the company posting another record-breaking result in 2019. Over the first half of the year, BMW sales have gone up by 0.8 percent overall, worldwide, adding up to over 1.25 million cars delivered.

America Only iX3 Enthusiast Option

Only America Will Get This BMW iX3 Enthusiast Option
According to an insider, the iX3 will be based on the long-wheelbase X3 and will be offered in the US with a rear-wheel drive configuration for fun-loving enthusiasts. This variant is rumored to be called the sDrive75, with "75" denoting the kW capacity of its battery pack.

Video: M135i

VIDEO: Check out the BMW M135i with M Performance Parts
At the moment, opinions on the new BMW 1 Series hatchback seem to be mixed at best. In fact, we've read far more negative comments from our readers and enthusiasts than we have positive ones. Still, we think it's actually a good looking little car, even if it is based on a front-drive chassis.

Battery-Powered Racecars

Battery-Powered Racecars, Zipping From Zero to 60 in 2.8 Seconds
For the Formula E season finale, electric racers will zoom through the Red Hook area of Brooklyn and crown a champion. They might lack the crowd-pleasing scream of Formula One rockets or thunder of Nascar stockers, but the "e-prix" races on the Formula E circuit suggest that electric cars can provide plenty of wheel-to-wheel action.<

Monterey Car Week 2019

BMW has a bunch of wild stuff in store for Monterey Car Week 2019
We're about a month away from the annual Monterey Car Week festivities, where automakers, collectors and regular ol' car geeks from around the world get together on California's central coast to peep some of the most interesting metal to grace the planet.

2008-2012 3 Series Recall

2008-2012 BMW 3 Series: Recall Alert | News from Cars.com
July 10, 2019 - Approximately 16,600 model-year 2008-12 BMW 3 Series sedans, coupes and convertibles are being recalled for a battery cable connection.