The simplest form of Driving Tour involves an arranged meeting place, perhaps at a local parking lots with an organizer leading the way on the prescribed driving tour. Rest stops at scenic vistas and overlooks provide the best chance to enjoy the scenery and camaraderie of the group. Any chapter member is capable of designing a driving tour, one is only limited by the scope of their creativity. The best driving tour gives members a chance to take in the surrounding scenery, experience their ultimate driving machine with their friends, and share their passion for BMW with their fellow chapter members.

  1. Aaron Penkacik says:

    Does this chapter conduct any HPDE events at Daytona? If so, please provide information.

    1. Stan Dale says:

      Sorry to disappoint, but the Florida Suncoast Chapter does not conduct HPDE events at the Daytona track. Our members are concentrated primarily up and down the west coast of Florida so we typically conduct events situated in the Tampa, Ft Myers and areas adjacent. Most of our driving events are touring events. We do hold a significant Autocross event in the fall where we host the Porsche Club in a head-to-head completion. We utilize Brooksville airport for this event because of the high speeds. The competition is fierce and we find we swap the trophy and bragging rights back and forth with the Porsche guys/gals. We are exploring a larger scale autocross event in the Ft Myers area at Buckingham Airpark. More to come on this.

      As an after-thought, here is the link to the BMW CCA club racing website. Thought you might find this interesting.
      Let me know if you have more questions.


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