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Organizer Driver Meeting Checklist

Tour/Group Leaders and Tails are accountable for conducting a safe driving tour. As a minimum, the following points shall be communicated during the safety briefing for all participants prior to tour departure:

  • Tour Leader, Group Leader (if appropriate) and Tail have been assigned and know what their duties are.
  • The Tail acknowledges their important support role and shall advise the Tour/Group Leader of any issues within the group.
  • All Tour/Group Leader(s) and Tails(s) were introduced and their vehicles identified to all participants.
  • Cell phone numbers of all Tour/Group Leaders and Tails have been provided to all participants.
  • All tour participants have signed the relevant online ( or paper waiver form(s). Adult or Minor Waivers for every participant.
  • All the drivers have the driving directions that contain details about the route, including rest stops and any safety concerns or areas where the tour may have to slow to maintain safety. [Reviewed any specific areas of concern in the driving directions.]
  • All drivers acknowledge that if a driver becomes separated from the group, they should inform the Tour/Group Leader or Tail and obey all posted speed limits and other traffic laws until rejoined with the group.
  • All cars must drive with “headlights-on” to increase visibility to all Lead/Group Lead/Tail drivers.
  • In an emergency, a driver should pull over, stop in a safe location, turn on emergency flashers and advise the Tour/Group/Tail immediately.
  • All the safety points below have been covered in the Driver’s Meeting:
    • Safety is paramount. Driving tours are NOT competitive or high-speed driving events. Each driver is responsible for operating their own vehicle safely, in all road conditions. It is assumed that each participating driver has a current driver’s license and automobile liability insurance. BMW CCA also provides liability insurance that covers FSC BMW CCA, the event organizers and each participant while on the tour. Please stress that if a driver intentionally separates from the group, they will no longer be covered by this insurance.
    • Obey speed limits and all other traffic laws.
    • No passing the Tour/Group Leader(s). They set the pace. Pass Police, Emergency vehicles, non-motorized traffic and pedestrians SLOWLY, giving a wide berth.
    • Leave a safe distance between cars, generally at least 2-3 seconds behind the car in front, or one car length for every 10 mph/16 kph.
  • All participants recognize that the responsibility for maintaining FSC BMW CCA’s excellent history of safe and enjoyable events rests with each participant.

Have fun and be safe!

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