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Some Nice BMW Iron at the Park
Some Nice BMW Iron at the Park

MissionInnlogoOur BMW CCA Florida Suncoast Chapter gathering place for the “Run to the Hills Tour” was the San Antonio City (Florida) Park, which was chosen for its easy access, great parking, and clean bathrooms.  At the appointed hour, six BMWs, a Porsche (not these reporters’), and a Nissan sedan, with a six-speed, along with their drivers and navigators were on site and ready to go.  See Photos No. 1, “Some Nice BMW Iron at the Park,” and No. 2, “Run to the Hills Tour Drivers/Navigators.”

Drivers and navigators were:
Gary & Debra McGuire
Larry & Donna Pareene
Nathan & Gail Harris
Clark Spangler & Roger:Thoma
Frank Mann;
Christopher & Ashley Gandees
Hans & LaDonna Kren and
Bill & Mary Caldwell
Steve and Sue Emburey came later to the Mission Inn for brunch.

Run to the Hills Drivers/Navigators
Run to the Hills Drivers/Navigators

yalaha-bakeryThe tour roads and the Yalaha (German) Bakery, at tour mile 53.9, did not disappoint the FSC participants.  At the Yalaha Bakery, we caused a run on bakery goods shortly after our arrival at that well known attraction.   We left the bakery at about 11:10 AM and continued the tour to Mission Inn Resort and Club.  All cars arrived safely and on time for our Champagne Brunch reservation.

Mission Inn Resort Restaurant BldgMission Inn Brunch Image
Several hours later, after emptying our always seemingly full Champagne glasses (navigators’ seemed to enjoy that empty-the-glass challenge the most), and going through several sets of dishware piled with the various and delicious food offerings from Mission Inn’s kitchens, we adjourned for the day.




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