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Louis Bertos







Hi Gil, recently while visiting family in NY, I accidentally hit a large POT HOLE. It damaged my right rear run flat tire. Because of time restraints I had it replaced with a regular radial, exact same size tire. Thinking that when I returned to FL. I would replace this temp tire with a run flat. After traveling almost 1500 miles I saw no difference it how my BMW rode. The question is: Do I have to replace this tire right now. Can I wait until I actually need a whole set of tires, knowing that if this new tire had an issue I could not drive on it. What do you think? Thank you Lou Bertos


Hello Mr. Bertos, the short answer is no, it will not an issue, unless you have a flat tire that is. Th vehicle does not have a spare, therefore, if that tires has a flat, you will have to have it towed. Otherwise there are no issues. Thank you.

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