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Robert Stuart







Hi Gil. I am looking to replace the M badging on my 2000 M Roadster. The 2 on the sides and the 1 on the back. What is your advice?



Hello Mr. Stuart, first I’ll tell you that the rear badge can be removed by using fishing wire and running it behind the badge carefully, the fishing line will not damage the paint, then you can use a adhesive remover to clean the area. The badges on the side are harder, if I remember correctly they sit almost flush with the body.

What I would actually do, however, is have a detailer or paintless removal place remove and replace them, for a few reasons. First, it is very easy to damage the finish and very hard to repair it. Cleaning the adhesive off of the paint can turn into a harder than expected task. Lastly, the alignment of the badges, especially at the rear, can be difficult, it will look straight while standing close to it while installing it, but it will be out of alignment enough so that when you stand back you’ll notice it.

I can probably recommend someone, depending upon where you are located. Thank you.

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