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Stories from your favourite town.

M Town is the place where TOO MUCH is just right. Here, anything goes as long as it gets high performance car fans and enthusiasts excited. Here, the citizenship process is always speedy, and you can enjoy donuts over a cup of coffee. Discover the fascinating habits of the M Drivers Community. We hope you enjoy your trip to M Town – stay tuned!

Get your M Town ID here: #M_Town is built around everything that high performance car fans love the most, you will feel at home here straight away – only in M Town.

BMW M Town

M Town is the city of dreams for car enthusiasts and fans of high performance. Experience precise driving manoeuvres, coffee shops with spectacular drifts, the heavenly sounds of the “M Organ”, and so much more. Create your own passport to become a citizen of M Town and find out for yourself!

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