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Bob Bennett






850Ci, 6 speed


I have a ’93 850Ci with a 6 sp. transmission. I am hearing a “strange” sound when I am off the clutch. I suspect a bearing issue but am not sure. I also need to get the synchronizer checked as I feel the gears when shifting. I am looking to see if there are any knowledgeable repair types in the area (I’m in Tampa) who can take a look to see what needs to be done. So far the mechs in the area are shying away from taking a look see and possibly giving an estimate. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bob


Hello Mr. Bennett, diagnosing noises without the vehicle can be almost impossible, however, I can give you some information. The noise while off of the clutch may be normal, a lot of BMW’s have that noise and it may not be an issue. As for the synchros, without taking the transmission apart the best a shop can do is an educated guess. I recommend you call Rennen European Automotive, their website is: Let me know what they have to say and if you need any further assistance, please.

Thank you,

Gil Neves

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