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Low Oil Pressure Issue


Vic Taasan MD







Stop Engine Oil Pressure low! Check Oil level. I have replaced 1) oil level sensor, bottom of oil pan 2) Oil Pressure sensor in the OFH. Did not correct the problem, oil can red warning still flashing at low RPMs. What next Gil??? V C Tassan, MD


Hello Dr. Tassan, I can help you more if you give me the year and model, however, the first thing I would do is to actually check the oil pressure using a mechanical gauge. It sounds like you are thinking that the issue is with the sensors, but you could actually have low oil pressure. If you let me know the year and model I can tell you whtat the minimum pressure is and how to check it. Thank you.

Gil Neves


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  1. Gil,

    2002 E39 530i automatic. 180k miles.

    I have the oil pressure checked with a pressure gauge and it is 58 psi(w/in specs).

    I have change the following 1) pressure gauge 2) oil level sensor and

    3) cleaned IDC valve.

    Warning light comes on when the RPM is <1000, goes away if the RPM is 1500 or more. I’ve put the shifter to neutral and stepped on the accelerator and the light goes away(RPM increased to >1500). I could have an oil pump problem but the way it behaves it looks like a sensor/connection problem??

    Which is my next question, should I take out the intake manifold and expose the wiring and connector to the pressure gauge? Is there any less cumbersome way to check this wiring?

    Bently manual says check wire all the way to dash board. Which I find mind-boggling.

    This E39 lover wants to know.

    Vic Taasan,MD

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