Italian/German/American Design Team

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Who would have guessed that one of the largest and most talented design teams ever assembled in the early 70’s would come together from Italy, Germany and the USA to design a mid-engine super car for an American auto maker. What you have never heard of this – neither has many others either. This all began in 1969 when a faltering US car maker (American Motors) yes the maker of such favorites as the Hornet, Javelin, Matador, Rambler and the Gremlin, decided it needed a mid-engine super car to save the company. This unlikely group of collaborators,  famous designers from Bertone and Bazaririni, the AMC engineering team, and BMW actually designed a mid-engine super car long before the BMW M1.

I was also surprised to learn that back then BMW was in talks with AMC to find a US based production facility for their highly successful 2002 model. Unfortunately AMC did not survive the effort even though their car proved to meet and exceed all its design requirements of 160 mph and more than 50% high chassis rigidity than the best Mercedes at the time. It sported very large Girling Breaks and exhaust system from BMW. Take a look below at their results. If you are thinking this thing still looks good today you would not be alone. If you are thinking you see the hand of Bertone in this design ironically you would be wrong – the design was actually done by the AMC engineering team. The Italians did all the engineering and BMW provided some badly needed systems and did the evaluation testing on the track.


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