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This past weekend made our decision to not use a GPS navigation system ever again.

Our newest system would NOT accept the desired destination address, nor would it propose alternate routes.  In addition, the GPS wouldn’t give current, immediate highway conditions.  Preposterous you say? We agree!

Our immediate solution…an app known as WAZE !  This is a free smartphone app that saved our rear-end twice on this trip to/from Jacksonville.  In both cases, the WAZE app gave an advance warning of “Debris in the Roadway“.

In both cases, the debris was semi-truck tire treads laying in the traffic lane of the Interstate. Traffic was moving at 70+ mph.  The first warning came just seconds before we had to make a true emergency maneuver to avoid the debris.  The second notification gave enough warning for us to use the emergency lane. Both chunks of tire tread would have caused extensive damage.

Many years ago, on the way to work, a passing semi threw a tread that hit a car in front of me on I-275.  The tread bounced off the car, hitting our car, resulting in $2,300.00 damage.

Following last weekend’s harrowing experience, we are electing to use WAZE as our highway guidance counselor.   Check out WAZE, even if you gotta’ upgrade the smartphone… it sure saved us.

Just sayin’!

Gary West

Gary & Jill West are members in good standing and reside in the St Petersburg, Fl area and have been CCA members since 2000.

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  1. Gary
    Thanks again for this article. A few months ago I started using WAZE when I travel in NJ, NY, Ct and Mass. I was impressed with the amount of data the app presented.
    Good advice then, still good advice now.

  2. So I guess paying attention to the road was insignificant versus having your eyes glued to the app screen. If you were going to fast to observe debris in the road as large a road as an interstate perhaps you’re going to fast or not paying sufficient attention.

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