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David K Barcza






Automatic garage door remote in each car


I have two cars, one is a 2019 BMW 430I, the other is a Mercedes Benz C 300. When I set up the automatic Garage door opener on the new car I lose the capability on the BMW. As I then reset the BMW I lose the capability on the Mercedes.Do you know what I should do to have the function on both late model cars. Thank you for taking my question.


Hello Mr. Barcza, this issue is not uncommon, I recommend you first attempt to program the car with the other not there, for example, have someone drive the Benz away and try to program the BMW, once that is done try the reverse. Sometimes one car will interfere with the other. If that does not work please let me know. Thank you.

Gil Neves


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  1. Hi Gil,
    What you suggest is the first thing I did and I had the same result. My wife took the BMW for an errand – while she was away I programmed the Mercedes. When she returned the BMW was no longer programmed. Any other thoughts? Thanks!


  2. I had this problem and it was due to a maximum number of remotes that the garage door opener could handle. There were two remotes with my house when I bought it. Every time I would program the X5, the 335i would not work and vice versa.

    I finally found the opener’s manual on line and learned how to reset the opener and delete all remotes. (Previous home owner’s cars were most likely still in the memory.). Once I reset the opener, both remotes and both cars could be programmed and all was well.

    1. I second Robin’s comment. I had the same problem with a Genie brand garage door opener. The max number of remotes it could handle was 7. After a couple years of changing cars, plus two hand-held remotes and the wireless pad beside the door, I hit the limit. The solution is to clear all stored remotes and start over reprogramming your current remotes and vehicles.

  3. I agree with both Robin and Grant. There is another possibility, if the car is equipped with the Homelink opener, which I think it is, there could be a software update for the vehicle that would resolve the issue. Homelink is a third party company and not a BMW product, it is also used in Audi and VW, there have been issues where a software update for the vehicle will resolve the garage door opener problems. The only way to know if the vehicle has a software update available is to go to the dealer. Please let me know what happens. Thank you and good luck.

    Gil Neves

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