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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey it’s a little off kilter you could sort of see up in the background behind me (uh) some of the heavier clouds and stuff rolling in video in this on (uh) Monday night (uh) just trying to hedge our bet about what our communications could be (uh) later this week with the storm rolling in. So a couple things I want to call your attention to, hey we’ve got a couple cool things happening (uh) this Saturday October 1st is the first (uh uh) Cars and Coffee on the property at (uh) BMW of Sarasota we have to sort of wait and see what happens we’ll send out a note maybe Friday night late as to whether that’s actually going to take place so uh just uh just stay tuned for that we’ll put it on the calendar but no we’ll just have to play it by ear as to what we can do this coming weekend a couple couple cool things I’ll just remind you of (um) the Daytona Drive on is out there waiting for folks to dial in on that and get some things you already got a couple of RSVPs on that one so (uh) take care of that and uh come on out and join us we’re looking forward to a cool drive on that (um) second thing we have coming up is the (um) we’re going to a karting event we’re working out some details now Bruce Baker (uh) one of our members down here in the Cape Coral area is helping coordinate this we got it set up for January the 7th (uh) it’ll be a a team cart thing we’ll split the hours to be an endurance race (uh) it’s a little bit more up in the north Florida area so take a look at that it’ll be posted up we’re trying to work out some details right now hopefully have that uh up by the time this video post so you can see that but check it out down in the in the bottom pieces (um) I want to say just kudos up to Courtney and Justin missed an opportunity last week to tell you guys about a Cars and Coffee up there but there’s a lot of things happening up in the Panhandle and we really do appreciate their energy going after that (uh) Kevin Tipton’s got a drive coming up at the end of the month we’ll have to sort of see what that’s going to do (uh) with this (uh) with this weekend stuff (uh) but (uh) Kevin is also working with me be on putting together the drive in The Firm coming up in February a lot of details putting this together the first time as we do it on track (uh) a driver clinic I’m not quite sure what we’re going to call it yet we can’t call it a race and it’s not a race but (uh) high performance and HPD or something like that so getting the details worked out on that as we go for those folks that are on the Mountain Magnificent Mountain Driving Tour should have already gotten your packets out and information out we look for that back by October 1st let us know it’s only about two or three weeks so we’ll be rolling up to the North Carolina mountains and should be a lovely drive up there and the weather and the and the leaves I was up just a few days ago finishing up the last details and the leaves at the higher elevations already starting to turn and uh just really looking forward to a great long weekend so (um uh) kudos to that. (um) Some other things happening around the area (uh) Cars and Coffees (uh) some car shows that are coming up up in the Ocala area so a picnic on October the 8th (uh) is coming up up in the (um) Fort De Soto area. Al and Tony and (um) all those Folks up there putting together a great picnic I already see some RSVPs out for that so come on out support us all I’m going to cut this short and get it on the press right quick so Carol won’t be fussing at me so much. Thank you Carol for all you do you’re amazing (uh) webmaster. So until then uh we’ll see you soon be safe during the storm, Happy Motoring and all see ya, bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

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