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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey we’re coming up on a weekend, it’s not too busy this weekend but we’ve got a lot of things happening. We’re packing tonight, when you see this video we’ll already be halfway if not already into Florida by tomorrow morning or North Carolina by tomorrow morning and hey let me share something. We’ve just invested, (uh) picked up a trailer for ourselves. We’re going through the logo-ing process, getting everything tied up. We’re packing it up, heading up to the North Carolina Mountains so that (um) we’ll have all of our gear and everything in place and as we’re doing that we’ll be putting some logos and stuff on the on the trailer, so we’ll use this at events up and down the state. We’ll have this trailer at the Daytona drive-on that’s coming up in the first weekend of November. (uh) This week the (um) the registration for the Daytona drive-on will come out for HSR. So go ahead and get in, that, it’s a Friday/Saturday ticket. (uh) We’ll be pulling just after the October Mountain Drive, we’ll be pulling the trailer back down to Daytona set up for the Corral there at Daytona and then, of course, after that we’ll open up the registration for Sebring. First weekend in December, drive on at day at Sebring, we’ll also have the trailer there but until then we’re going to be pretty busy with the trailer. It’s why we got it and put it in place. Let me show you what it’s sort of going to look like and introduce Jenna with (uh) with the J+M. They’ve done all of our marrquees for us, all of our marquees and we’ll be installed all themed up on our trailer, have our logos our QR codes for for (uh) to join and facilitate our (our) website and the CCA membership. So we’re really excited Jenna, thank you man. I’ll tell you what you folks just did a rock star job putting together our logo. We’re super happy with it, a little rain tonight slowed us down but these are looking great. How long have you guys been in business? [Jenna] We’ve been in business for two years. [Stan] In two years and I’ll tell you this just how easy was this to do business, make it happen. Gave them the stuff, produced it and they turned this around and just record time. (uh) Not a lot of service you get with a lot of vendors is that well, so I gotta tell you, they’re going to be a long-term player with us as we do our branding and working out our flags and our table covers and those types of things. Jenna, we’re just real pleased, can’t wait to see this on the trailer and I can’t wait to see the trailer in use as we (as we uh we) spread the word about us and spread the word about your company as well, so we we totally appreciate it. All right, until then. (um) Take a look at the calendar, some things coming up next, I think, next Wednesday is (um) I think we’ve got something going on up in Jacksonville and then (uh) the following weekend, not this weekend, but the next weekend we have, I think, two big events going on Saturday and Sunday is the (uh) O’Fest up in the Gainesville area, nope not Gainesville area, I’ve got a camera person tonight which is really cool, so just take a look at the calendar. It’s out there, go (uh go) get it, sign up, be a part of it, go do that and (um and) we just got the invitation, we’re filling out the info the information right now for, I think, February for the (um) Invasion in Orlando. So that’s coming up, we’re planning three, four, five, six months out in advance now. So there’s a lot of things going to happen. Just stay tuned to the website and get on that Facebook account, we have a lot of folks. We’re up in the 2 almost the 300 of our membership is now on the Facebook and a lot of activity going on, so all of our new Facebook friends appreciate seeing you there and the interaction that we’re seeing there. Post some pictures of your cars. That’s what it’s really (that’s what it’s really) all about. So until then, we say thanks, have a great one and as we always say get off the sofa come and play with us. Happy Motoring guys, see you soon, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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