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Hey there, just wanted to take a minute to say “hey”…
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey good morning guys, this is Stan Dale, your President of Florida Suncoast BMW. Hey we’re out at Cars & Coffee here in Fort Myers just enjoying and today I got a special guest. I got Cory Pearson. Corey is the President of the (of the) Mini Cooper group here in South West Florida and looks like we’re going to be able to add a whole new Mini Cooper group into our (into our) portfolio. So Corey glad to have you come out this morning man you’ve got a lot of guys with you and it’s uh it’s going to be just a really cool thing. So. Hey watch for all your event things coming up. They’re down here. Just just scroll down and take a look and as we start to open this thing up we’ll be glad to see you. Hey, be safe, happy motoring…

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