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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW ,hope you’re doing well. Hey, here it is, coming up on the weekend, we’ve got (uh) several big things going on this weekend. (uh) Two really good Cars and Coffees coming off (uh Fort My) this Saturday Fort Myers (uh) at (uh) BMW Fort Myers uh Cars and Coffee come on out and join us there, we always have a great time, everybody seems to show up it’s a really cool (uh) Cars and Coffee event so got to come out and join us and then (uh) also Saturday morning in Lakeland it Fields BMW Kyle’s got his (um) got that (uh) BMW the car club there going to do uh Cars and Coffee there with Fields BMW in Lakeland so come on out and join in there. That one also just draws a bunch of folks so it’s really pretty cool and then next Tuesday the 19th I believe it is (uh) the 19th we’re back at the OCC, so come on out and join us there at the OCC. (um) A lot of things going on so three items. Hey, last week I mentioned something and I forgot to do it so let me see if I can get it on camera tonight (um) everybody asked me what it is this is Proje Ceramic Coating takes just a little bit, tiny little bit, does the whole car. The one behind me has been (uh) has been ceramic coated with this. Does it does a great thing and then (uh) the the 550 and the other 3 Series that we have has been coated with that as well getting ready to do the X5, so (uh) just a great little product you can go on right go right online to P-r-o-j-e (um) and they’ve got some shine kits and prep and all that kind of stuff but (uh) hey it works really well. In about an hour I can do the whole car so that’s wash clean and (uh) ceramic coating polish it out, I mean buffing out. It’s just like (uh) easier than shot in your shoes. So (uh) I’ll recommend it, at least it’s one for me that that seems to work for me and it really does a great job easy on easy off as they say. So a lot of things happening, come on out join us look forward to it. Sorry it’s a little dark been traveling this week, got home late tonight so (uh) wanted to try to get this in and probably not the best lighting but I just wanted to say hey and (uh) wish everybody well. Talk to you soon, Happy Motoring, y’all see you soon.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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