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NOTE: Forgot to mention Al’s drive after Caffeine & Octane – FSC 2023 Sep Drive & Dine to Beaches (St Augustine)! Check it out!

Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey here we are (uh) just post holiday September (uh) closing out summer. It looks like, although I know the temperatures don’t quite feel like it, (um) coming up this Friday night tonight (uh) as you’re seeing this tonight (uh) at Channelside, it’s (uh) Friday Night Social up on the parking deck. Kevin Tipton’s hosting (uh) Friday Night Social and that thing is really taken off. If you haven’t been there, I haven’t been there yet, it’s on my to-do list, my bucket list, one of my, one of the things I keep looking at going “gotta get there.” It looks really really cool and the photographs we’re seeing coming out of that just makes some awesome awesome screensavers (uh) the night pictures the (the) cityscape, the sunset just amazing, thanks to Kevin. On Saturday we’re up in Jacksonville Caffeine and Octane at (um) I think that’s Avenues Mall and (uh) that’s a huge turnout. Al MacKay will be there I think I have the tent and everything going on go by and see him that’s a huge Cars & Coffee, I think about 300, at least it’s what the numbers look like to me and then on Sunday we’re gonna we’re gonna double up on Sunday (uh) Meribeth is hosting at the Whole Foods in Gainesville Cars and Coffee and that one draws about 200 300 folks there at the same time we’re down here in Naples at (uh) at Germain (Mo) Germain BMW in Naples the (uh) lower (uh) Naples portion of Germain their southern store I guess is a way to say it. (uh) We have a Cars and Coffee and then the last two outings we’ve had about 300 folks, there so (uh) just a couple of big events that we’re involved with in these cars and coffee and just really (uh) you know just really just putting it out there and and folks are really just showing up. So a heavy weekend Friday night, Saturday and two on Sunday, just a jam-packed weekend for everybody come on out and have a great time. Hey just taking a look at my (uh) one of my 335s here just finished doing a ceramic coat on this (uh) I’ll show you the products that we used to do this but we did this at home (uh) no offense to any of our vendors that are out there doing this kind of stuff but (um) we’ve done a couple of members cars just for the fun of it to see what it turned out and I’m really really pleased this is a 2007 335 she’s only got (uh) about 70,000 miles on her and (um) man she (uh) just really shined up really tickled to see what it looks like really proud of it so (uh) hope we can keep the rain away for a little while just like to see her shine (uh) this weekend. So hey look take a look at our calendar, come on out, lots of things going on, lots of events. (uh) I just got the first notice for the Historic Sports Car, somebody asked me about that last weekend up at BMW Sarasota Cars and Coffee, and we’re pretty close to registering for the November Historics at (uh) I think the November is going to be in Daytona and then we’re going to (uh) Sebring in the first of December, so watch for those enrollments as well. A lot of things on the (on the) calendar so take a peek, come on out and have some fun. Hey man, get off the sofa stop wasting time, come on out and play with us, until then Happy Motoring y’all, see you later soon bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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