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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey, just got back from just an amazing driving tour up in the North Carolina Mountains (uh) about (uh) 50 (50) members or so (uh) toured all around the mountains (uh) stay tuned we’ve got pictures of stuff coming out on our Flickr account and in the next uh the upcoming edition of the BimmerLife so just an amazing thing we should have been there those folks that were there (uh) just had a (just had a) blast hope you enjoyed it as well, so on to the next page, we have other events coming up,
in fact in two weeks we’re going to Daytona and we’re doing the (uh) drive-on Daytona, if you haven’t got your reservation or your tickets yet you need to get online and do those the RSVP, you have two, you have to order your tickets online (uh) through (uh through) HSR and you have to give FSC and RSVP so we know that you’re coming so we can line up and let let people know how to get into (uh) into the track and the timings and those kind of things. We don’t exactly know what time the the drive-on is going to be Saturday morning but you sort of you need to be there so that when it’s our (when it’s our) time to go (uh) you’re ready set go. So driving your car on Daytona and then of course in just a few weeks from now (uh) we’ll have the Sebring drive-on so that information is going to be released probably next week as we come up so folks getting in line for the drive-on at Sebring Daytona or Sebring two great track events to drive your own car sort of a spirited drive and I’ll just sort of leave it at that certainly not a race but some good some good drive on there. So a lot of other events coming up all up and down the coastline over in Jacksonville area over in our Panhandle area check out all the RSVPs down below and (uh) until we see you then (uh) Happy Motoring, thank you everybody, see ya.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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