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Hey there, just wanted to  say “hey” …
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well. Hey a lot of things to get to tonight, the weather’s getting bad so I’m going to get right to it and I’m going to have to sort of look up and down a lot to read to you tonight but a lot of things on the on the agenda. Let me get right to it. This Saturday (uh) October the 30th SRQ Caffeine and Gasoline in Sarasota at BMW Sarasota (from 10) from 8 to 10. Russ and Rob are the hosts there. A little confusion with last week, so get that cleared up but it’s on for this Saturday also this Saturday in Fort Myers at the Miromar Outlet Mall at the Puma store. Puma is the (um) curator, the printer for all the BMW wear so the BMW fashion morning from eight to ten just for the for our Chapter at Miromar Outlet here in Fort Myers/Estero area (um) come on out (uh) we thank Mario for that Mario Villar got that lined up for us and looking forward to that a lot of fun I think we’re going to have and then on next Thursday November the 4th up in the Panhandle, we got the Panhandle meeting going on at The Bavarian house Courtney and Justin doing a great job up in that neighborhood getting things put together and then next Friday the 5th of November (wow does time fly) but the 5th of November is the Revs Institute tour and we have some limited spots left. It’s 30 bucks a person, the tour starts promptly at 10:30 need to be there be in the lobby sort of wait (uh) gather up and then we’ll divide up with the docents and go a few spots left and then we’ll have lunch afterwards to be announced. Mario and Carol Villar (working on that) have been working on that for several months so we’re looking forward to a great turnout there i think it’s capped at 100 and we’re almost there so if you’re thinking about getting in you got to do it register through (uh) On Sunday the 7th is the 46th Annual Gulf Coast Cycle Fest bicycle fest up in Sarasota. (uh) Russ is the host on this one we’re sponsoring that (uh) if you’re a bicycle rider you want to get into that if you hadn’t already gotten into it’s $55 on the day to get in (uh) it’s a great thing but we’re sponsoring that get out and (uh) get some good exercise, some cardio, some sunshine do whatever you’re gonna do, great time of year to get out and do that. Thanks for Russ for getting that set up. When we get to (uh) not on the calendar yet but will be coming on the calendar on Veterans Day November 11th is a parade up in the Panhandle. Justin and Courtney are handling that and we should have a lot of folks out for that should be fun salute to all of our Veterans and family members now in past so a great job for that one and then we get down to (uh) Sunday the 14th up in Jacksonville. The Jacksonville meeting is going to be at the Seven Bridges Grill and Brewery (uh) it starts at 1 pm Al MacKay is hosting that one, Area Governor up there so just go out and hang out Sunday afternoon watch the little ball on the TV and also all you Jacksonville folks (uh) there you go it’s gonna be it’s it’s in the news now it’s on our calendar so there you go (um) November the 16th I know I’m going far out but we got several things again that’s a Tuesday night Rob and Kerri, our Area Governor there (uh) putting that on that’s it that’s the OCC the Orange County Chopper (uh) Roadhouse and Museum that’s from 6:30 to 9 o’clock. There’s music live music food the whole nine yards so great parking there so (uh uh) midweek (uh) Tuesday night you wanna go out and and (uh) check out some things going in midweek there you go. For those (uh) (uh) Tampa area folks (uh) getting together back around the November the 20th is Cars and Coffee here in Fort Myers I’ll host that at our at the BMW Fort Myers so we get to see that two things put on your calendar I got a date for both of them I think we are going to Sebring (um) waiting for the ticket price. We’ll have a preliminary introduction on this week’s go but (uh) we’ll have ticket detail in by next week. I believe (uh) but we’re back at Sebring uh turns 15 and 16 (um) we’ll be doing the food we’ll be looks like right now (um) hold your breath but I think we’re gonna do a drive on the track so if you’ve never driven on Sebring never driven your car on Sebring track you gotta come and enjoy that day. It’s an awesome day, full access to the track and and cars and people in the whole nine yards. What a wonderful day you don’t want to miss that and coming up I believe right now tentatively scheduled (um) December the 12th is Toys for Tots tour (uh) Kevin Tipton on the north side of Tampa (is pled) is planning that one and we got two routes we’re talking about. Could be just a massive drive should be a really really good outing so (um) Toys for Tots coming up for that and (uh) some other things are coming up so just watch the e-blast and we’ll get it out there for you but there you go there’s a ton (I love that word) there’s a ton of things going on and if that didn’t prove it I don’t know what will so (uh) the only thing we’re missing is you coming out to see what it’s all about. Check all the listings in the e-blast it’s got the RSVP’s there come on out say “Hello” to all your chapter members and (uh) the only thing preventing you from having a good time is getting up off you lazy what and what and there we go. Have a great have a great week everybody. Happy motoring, see you soon. Bye now.


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