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Hey there, just wanted to  say “hey” …
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey everybody Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW Chapter. Hope you’re doing well, hey got a couple things (uh) on our calendar I want to point out to you coming up right away looks like (uh) November – excuse me October the 30th Saturday morning 8 o’clock in um at the Miromar Outlets here between Naples and Fort Myers at the Puma store we’ve got a special fashion Saturday. I guess is what we’re going to call it. I really don’t know it’s down in the in the RSVPs but Puma’s opened their store especially for us between eight and (uh) ten o’clock with some special pricing and things. Don’t know if you know this or not but all the BMW wear that you have is produced by Puma and so they have a store here in the (uh) Miromar Outlet mall and so they’ve invited us over for just a special thing for our chapter so if you’re in the Fort Myers/Naples wherever land, come on down we’re going to go shopping on Saturday morning the 30th should be a lot of fun. Thanks to (uh) Mario and Carol (uh) for putting that together and (uh) should be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to it so might get me a set of the new tennis shoes with some BMW logos on them, who knows what I’ll walk out with. (uh) Hey and then the following week we have the the Revs (uh) Institute tour. If you haven’t signed up for that we’ve got about a hundred slots that we we could take and there’s only a few left maybe 10 or 15 slots left and that is an amazing just an amazing museum of of cars top ranked in the world so (um) just let me take (uh) look at the RSVP if you hadn’t gotten in on that already you need to go ahead and get on that, We’ve got a ton of folks going and then just after that we’ll have lunch together you can do the museum and the lunch you could do the museum only you could do the lunch only but come on out and have some fun on that sat on that (uh) on that day it should be a lot of fun. Just got off the horn with Rick Goolsby with (uh uh) Historic racing (uh) sports car racing HSR and we’re going to be back at Daytona this year (uh) December the 5th Saturday December the 5th we will be taking folks out to uh to Sebring (uh) we’ll have our traditional turn 15 and turn 16 for our Corral. We generally take about 100 folks out to that food you’ll see some cars you’ll never get a chance to see again just some amazing race you have access to the entire Sebring raceway and it looks like (uh) according to Rick we’re gonna get to do a drive on this year again. So (uh) we (we) sat out last year because of covid but (uh) we’re back (uh) December the fifth. We haven’t gotten up on the site yet, it won’t be up this week but by next week. You’ll see the RSVP get on it and get on it early we’ll have some fun they’re generally a tour group at least from the Naples Fort Myers area typically from the Sarasota area and typically from the Tampa area and we’ll create tours from wherever you are to here to (uh) Sebring but just get there be a lot of fun. Got a lot of other stuff that’s uh that we’re in that’s in the planning (uh) maybe a big drive I’ll give you a hint to maybe the mountains of North Carolina we’re trying to get that finalized (uh) squeeze that in (in) November we got a lot of things going on in November so just pay attention to that a lot of thank yous go out to all of our Area Governors for getting these these (uh) programs and these events and things going on in drives. (uh) We’re working on Toys for Tots coming up soon for Christmas up in the in the Wesley Chapel area. Kevin’s working on that and I just got a lot of things going on so (uh) take a look at the RSVP list out or the event list down below get your name on the RSVP and come on out have some fun meet some cool people and (uh) that’s what it’s all about man so uh to everybody for me happy motoring Y’all see you now bye now.


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