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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well. Sort of a different message tonight, I know this is a car club but (uh) you know as the old saying goes, the cars bring us together, the relationships make us stay. I don’t want to talk about cars tonight, I want to talk about all those relationships and we’ve had a heck of a week here in South Florida and up the (uh up the) West Coast of Florida and then out through the Jacksonville area. We have a lot of members that have been affected I haven’t heard, there’s some I’m really concerned about, haven’t heard from yet, but then there’s been a ton of folks that have checked in just to say “hey how are you” (um) me and my family, were doing fine, we’re blessed and I use that word specifically, we’re very blessed and thank you for all those (uh) thank you for all the inquiries. There’s a lot of folks in our Chapter. A ton of folks in our Chapter I haven’t heard from yet and (uh) I just (uh) right now those people are (are those people are) more heavy on my heart than anything else. It’s a heck of a Chapter and I know hundreds of people throughout our our population of Florida SunCoast and I wouldn’t trade any of those relationships for anything, some of the new ones that I’ve just met, folks that I’ve known for a decade or plus more (um) they all they all bring a special place into (into the) the meaning of Chapter. So tonight I just wanted to say “hey.” There’s (there’s) a ton of events going on, you know the drill, look down below in the artist and the (uh) in the events page, pick out something you want to do and (uh and and) go say “hey” to other members. That’s why we put it together is to create those bonds, those relationships and (uh and) some of them last forever. So tonight I’m not going to talk to cars, I’m just going to talk the relationship (um) pick up the phone, if you know somebody down in this area, check on them make sure they’re okay. Our hearts and our prayers go out to those families that have seen destruction or more so I just want to want to keep those people in (uh) in our prayers and so I know what kind of Chapter you are. You’re an amazing Chapter of people just, remarkable Chapter of people, so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for (uh) giving me the privilege to serve in this position but more so give me the privilege to know who you are. So until next week, hope it’s a little bit lighter next week, I’ll say Happy Motoring, see you soon, thanks.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

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