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Hey, good morning everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey we’re here at Cars and Coffee and I (I) wanted to introduce you to one of my really good friends here PV Archer. PV uh has been with the Chapter for a number of years. We just got back off of just an amazing Mountain Drive huh? Yes, Maggie Valley was outstanding, well organized and just a lot of fun. PV (is is) drives down to Cars and Coffees (uh) every month and it’s just, everywhere we go, we love being together, it’s just a (just a) great relationship, we have a ton of fun and now our wives are sort of caught up in the whole mess of it. Yes, both of us first time our wives attended event was Maggie Valley. Yeah, absolutely. And they’re all ready to go back and they’re all ready to go back, that’s for sure. So PV what (what what) makes you come out to the to the BMW thing what attracts you to it. Oh, I think in the beginning and you’ll hear this all over the place, but in the beginning it was the BMW thing. I really like BMWs and I like to hear about other people’s BMWs. But as time has progressed I keep coming back down here because the conversations the people are a lot of fun and you just learn a lot of new stuff. Yeah. And then along the way you hear about new BMWs, you hear about cars in general but the big thing is just the people over and over again. Yeah. And it was the same way on Maggie Valley meet new people we had never met before and just had a gay time. Now you got 50 new friends. Yes. That’s cool, yeah, so sometimes people think that coming to one of these events with cars that they have to know a whole lot about cars. It probably is helpful but it very rarely shows up if you will in the conversations. It’s not a technical exercise ,it’s just mostly conversations about your experiences and how you have fun. Yeah yeah (that) the tech talk just, I mean you can talk tech if you want to but it’s not required, right. No the tech talks are great and when they’re have Tech Sessions they’re they’re well attended but the big thing still comes back to the people, the organization and the way it’s done. Yeah, talking about tech, something over my shoulder here tell me what we got behind us here. This is a 135 2008 135 with a full diamond S3 package which means oil coolers, software, intercooler, air carbon air (air) intake and diamond exhaust. Wow. And it’s just a fun car. Now (um) did you take delivery this, didn’t you do the Performance Center or something like that? No. I didn’t know that yet, I bought (I bought) this thing used. Okay. And I just got lucky, it’s the only thing I can say. There you go. The Dinan package was there and it’s just a great, it’s just a fun car. How did it handle it on the mountain roads? Oh, it was great it just I could stick with Stan, no problem but then when you’d back off and you’d hear that exhaust start to burble, just great, I just just so good. Well, I wanted to have a chance for everybody to say hello to PV and (uh) just one of the many members that we have here we’re going to start doing some more interviews like this instead of just hearing me yap a little bit. As always we’ll ask you to take a look down in the in the RSVP section. We have a ton of things going on, as I mentioned, (uh) we have our Annual Dinner, we should have that information coming up (um) Of course, Sebring is going to be on December the 3rd and (uh) if you’re if you haven’t registered right quick, you can jump in so (uh) do that. We have some stuff coming up in the first of the year. It’s just going to be amazing, we have a lot to do but now we have it to do all over the state. We have an events two or three different events on every given weekend and some through the week. So take advantage of the RSVPs down below check, out all the events and if you’re sitting on the sofa you are just wasting time and as we say to everybody before we sign off Happy Motoring, have fun see ya.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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