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Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey there guys, good morning, this is Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW. Hey we’re out at (uh) cars and coffee this morning at (uh) BMW Ft Myers, it’s just a ton of folks out, all kind of activity, cars, everything, people everywhere this morning all kind of (uh) activity going on in the thing. But this morning I wanted to take a minute and (uh) introduce you to a really good friend of ours chapter member Jeff Conklin. Jeff has this just amazing 1988 M5 and I want to take a few minutes and take a look at the car introduce you to Jeff here. And (uh) Jeff tell us a little bit about what you got? This is a 1988 M5 E28, of course, it’s got 148,000 miles on it. I found that on the My E28 Forum. The previous two owners had been on that forum and taken really good care of it. Yeah. Principally was a Texas car most of his life. Yeah. Actually spent a couple years here in Tampa (uh) one of the owners that was in Tampa and (uh) I have (uh) brought it down here two years ago and just enjoy having it here. It’s a great car to cruise around in. Wow let’s take a look let’s go under the hood, first what do you think? Tell us a little bit about what we’re looking at here. Well this is the (uh) the world famous motor, the S38 motor that goes into the M5 (uh) individual throttle bodies, makes delicious mechanical noises when you fire it up. Yeah, but this is clean. It’s pretty much all original (um) real pretty much unmolested at this point. Wow this is absolutely the cleanest engine box I’ve seen in a long time, boys and girls you could have breakfast out of this car right here, this is amazing, just an amazing put together car. Let’s take a look at the inside, tell me what we’re looking at here. So for these 88 M5s they all came in the exact same configuration for the most part – black on tan and so this is all original. We had one previous owner about 12 years ago replaced the leather on the front seats but otherwise it’s all original. Wow. Radio etc. Yep, wow boys and girls if this doesn’t take you back and just I had one of these, I drove in this morning, it’s like seeing an old girlfriend. This was just an amazing vehicle (um) and to look at the quality of the paint, look at the quality of the paint and (uh) and how this car is put together just (uh) just absolutely just (just) an amazing car. So I wanted to take a look at this this morning, feature this one on our on our website. Jeff anything else you want to add about this this is just just (just) a rock star of a car. Yeah I’m going to keep it a long time, this is a keeper. Oh, so there’s no offers opportunity? No, not yet. Okay, well Jeff, thank you man, appreciate you coming out and we really enjoyed this. Take a look at this. folks, this is what it’s all about when we get out into cars and coffee (uh) take a look at some just legacy stuff, it’s just amazing, the new stuff is great but man when you see something like this it’s just been taken care of like this, this is what we (uh) this is the kind of stuff we really want to get to you and let’s just take a peek at so for our cars and call me another event we’d love to have you come out and (uh) and be a part of that so (uh). Happy Thanksgiving (uh). Hey happy motoring, see you soon, thanks, bye now.


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