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Hey guys Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing good. Hey here we are North Carolina it’s a little (uh) little chilly up here, we’re up here gathering up the (uh) Jeep and the trailer heading back to Florida just after our Thanksgiving (uh) gathering with family and friends so (uh) just want to give a real quick shout there’s (uh) there’s not much this weekend I think (uh) the 25th we have Euro Haus (uh), we have the Euro Haus event in St Pete/Clearwater so check that out for this weekend. Other than that (uh) it’s pretty much Thanksgiving weekend spend time with your friends and your family and (uh and) our all the thanks for what (uh for what) everybody does with this Chapter and (um) all the friendships that we have, the relationships that we have and (um and) all those kind of things so we’re very very thankful for (uh) for the association for all our members. The following weekend I’ll talk about that one (uh) is going to be two events (uh) we have the (um) the Autocross that goes on down in Fort Myers (um) that is the weekend of the 2nd and that will continue that’s on the schedule so just take a look at that if you’re interested in Autocrossing I know we have a lot of folks that come out to that and then (uh) the Historics, HSR Historics is the week is Saturday December the 2nd at Sebring. (um) If you’re interested (uh) see the links below sign up for that you’ve got a RSVP so we know if you’re coming but you also have to (uh) click on the link and purchase the tickets 30 bucks for the day, gives you total access to the track and (um and) you get to drive your car. Members, you have to have a membership to drive your car on the track but a passenger doesn’t have to have a membership and could also attend, so a guest or whatever rather (uh) so (um) looking forward to that, it’s filling up I would ask you to try to get your tickets and your RSVP by next Thursday (um uh) just so I have enough time (uh) when we’re buying (uh) because we’re grilling out at the track at our during our (um) our Corral there so I just want to make sure I have enough food for everybody that’s coming and drinks and those kind of things so (uh) keep your fingers crossed Jeep’s working well picked it up on (uh) Friday (um) got that little situation knocked out so as we do that we will (um) so as we do that we will (um) get all that put together and (um and) should be (uh should be uh) easy to (uh) to get the trailer back home we think everything’s going to work just fine so we expect see everybody in Sebring on the second. Until then I’ll tell you Happy Thanksgiving, we’ll update the calendar (uh) next week’s video and probably get you some action shots from Sebring then until then (um) as we always say Happy Motoring, see you soon, thanks, bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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