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Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey good morning everybody, this is Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW. Hey I’m at a friend’s home this morning, Brian and Sue, the neighbors of ours around the corner and (uh) just had some really cool exciting news. Their son Brett just getting ready to turn 16 going to be our youngest member of a Florida SunCoast BMW Chapter and we’re here today with Brett. Brett just purchased a really cool car. Brett, good morning, how you doing? Great great. Good, tell us what you got. (uh) It’s a 2007 BMW 335i it’s from the E90 era it has the N54 power unit so it’s a three liter inline six with the twin turbo. Wow, so here’s a 16 year old that knows his technical stuff folks. It’s a really nice car. Let’s take a quick peek at it. Brett where we gonna go inside first? Yeah., Okay, let’s take a look at the inside. Here we go, tell us a little about what we got. So it’s got the beige leather interior as the Premium Package (uh) with the (uh) Premium sound and the Steptronic system in it. Wow really nice car, how many how many miles are on this car? (uh) It’s driven about 6,500 miles per year. Wow, low mileage car is really taken care of. Tell me what. let’s take a look under the hood right quick what we got here? So this is the N54 three liter inline six twin turbos (uh) around 300 horse, great motor, I love driving it. So we just picked it up this week didn’t we. Yep, Monday, Doing a little cleaning work on it and getting it ready for the show (um) get ready for the streets. I got to tell you folks, what a straight car, got a really cool deal on this thing. It’s fun to come over and visit and watch this (uh) as it’s (uh) as (uh) and watch this as he’s getting ready to put it on the road. We’re gonna keep track of this, we might see him at a Cars and Coffee, who knows we might see him at the BIG show over in Cape Coral in March. I’m trying to google him into that kind of stuff so (uh) Brett, thanks man for taking a few minutes to tell us about your car. Yeah thank you. All right, we’ll see you guys later, talk to you soon.
Happy Motoring, bye now.


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