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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast,  hope you’re doing well. A little rain tonight, so (uh) taking cover under the edge of the garage here shooting a real quick video. (uh) Just to give you a quick quick update on a few things. (um) Packing up, tomorrow we’re heading out, this will be Friday when you see this, heading out to today then to (uh) to Daytona. I think we’ve got 12-15 folks that are going to go up to Daytona do a track drive-on so we’re looking forward to that really excited and (uh) I know we’re going to have a blast. I think everybody I’ve talked to just (uh) is (uh) really geared up and ready to go do this. So this sort of the prelude to the Sebring drive-on which will happen the first Saturday in the month of December, so (uh) for all those 15, there’s a few cars that have already gone up, I know most of us are going up sometime tomorrow and then our drive on will be sometime on Saturday. We’ll give you some photographs maybe some videos of our track drive-on. (uh) The pictures and everything from our Magnificent Mountain driving tour up on our Flickr account so if you go on the website go into the archives look at Flickr and drop down find the Mountain Drive you can see a bunch of really great photographs that the folks from all over the (all over the) group are sending in and we’re posting videos and those kind of things, some nice curvy roads, some great pictures from top of the mountain, the whole nine yards this was really fun event, so (uh) check out the pictures. We’re opening up (um) Mountain Driving 2 that will happen in 2023 (uh) the 19th of October through the 20th, 19th, 20th, 21, 22 of (uh) of October (uh) 2023 so as soon as we post that (uh) you can sign up make your reservations, we have the complete hotel to ourself. (um) Once the once we reach 55 members that are gonna go on that drive we close it, so the first 55 that register whether you register tomorrow, (um) don’t wait too late because I promise you this will fill up and it’ll fill up fast, so if you want to be on the driving tour for next year get in and get your reservations made at the hotel you don’t get charged until you get there. (um) But you need to get your reservations made because we will sell this event out (um) and it and it will be (uh) it’ll be another showstopper. Great (uh) great weekend for (uh) Daytona drive-on. Upcoming events (uh) we’re working on (uh) we say this before we’re trying to work out track day (uh) at The Firm, we’re working out some go-kart details, a little complication there we’re working trying to work around some complications with (uh) with a karting event the first of the year. (uh) I’ll go ahead and tell you now watch for the (uh) two big things (uh) number one I’ll tell you is that we’re taking we’ll be taking nominations over, nominations for (uh um) to serve as in the leader group for the chapter and (uh) Board positions and/or Area Governors that were that that may be open (uh) it looks like we’re gonna close our last (uh) governorship for Naples (uh) here in just about five or six minutes when I get on the phone, so I think all of our governorships are going to be closed at 100% filled and that just means more events for you as we roll these things out. So (um) the next thing that we’ll be looking at (the next thing we’ll be looking at) is (um) is working on (uh) the Annual Luncheon, you know we shut it down for Covid. (uh) Covid sort of put us out of business for a year or two but we’re back we will have an Annual Luncheon in (uh) I believe it’s gonna be January the 20th. (uh) Russ Garvey, our Senior Board Member, is out doing the scouting right now doing the details for the luncheon it’s been working on that all week and so we should have that up in just a few days. (uh) Look for that and I hope you come on join us for the Annual Luncheon, it’s always a blast so there you go so (uh) until then I’ve got two things (uh) to just remind you of we have (we have the uh) at the Sarasota (uh) BMW of Sarasota (uh) this Saturday. Tthis Saturday is Cars and Coffee on the BMW property,  so this will be a really a really good big kickoff and they have I believe it’s the i3 or i4, no it’s the i4 test drive this weekend, so if you happen if you’re not going to Daytona you’re going to that check it out they have the i4 test drive so you can go do that get the feel of what that feels like (uh) just check it out it’s a really big cool thing. We need one volunteer (uh) to show their car on Sunday we’re sponsoring (uh) bicycle (uh) I don’t call it a marathon or a tour a biking tour but we have an event there with our logo and our tent and everything and we need a car to show for just a couple hours. If you’re interested in doing that, scroll down on the face page to (uh) Russ Garvey, our Senior Board Member, give him a call, an email if you want to put your car out there for a show on Sunday for just a couple hours at that event. (uh) Russell give you the details so we just need one vehicle to show, we’d appreciate to come out and support it and (um) make it shine, if you will, so until then (uh) check out all the other details and all that happens in going Jacksonville, Panama City, I mean (uh) Pensacola and out in the Panhandle area and all up and down this coastline take a look at all the events that are planned and get on that RSVP list until we see you then. Happy Motoring, talk to you soon, thanks

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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