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Hey there, just wanted to take a minute to say “hey”…
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey, good morning everybody this is Stan Dale, President of Florida Suncoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well, hey it’s a week 8 covid-19, boy am I bored ready to get out and do some stuff. Hey we got a few things heading your way. We’ll probably open up the process in early June. We’ll sort of wait out May here, but middle the state we’ve already got some things on the agenda and plans so take a look at that. Get your RSVP in if you’ve got (you’ve got) interest in that. Hey we’ve got something heading up your way, middle of the (middle of the) area Tampa area for a Bavarian Drive, watch for that information it’ll be out in about a week or two. If you haven’t checked it out this morning, look down below with the information, BMW North America is suspending, is canceling the European delivery stuff and we’ve got 10 days if you’re interested in that to get an order in. It’ll-it’ll die on May 18th so take a look at the information down below. As always hope you’re doing well, Happy Motoring. Stay safe y’all, see you, now Bye…

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