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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW. I hope you’re doing well. Hey I’ve (uh) got some great news tonight. I’ve got a bunch of things on the schedule tonight. I’m not going to read everything but I just (uh) you know advocate that you (you) scroll down. Carol puts a lot of work into our calendar all of our Area Governors put a lot of work in developing our calendar so take a look. I’m going to give you a couple highlights but before we get going tonight got some great news. Mark your calendars October 20 21 22 and 23 block the calendars we’re going to Maggie Valley/Chimney Rock Mountain Drive in October. We have prime dates in the mountains of North Carolina right around the turn of the leaves so we have a hotel fully ready for us watch your email this coming next Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend we’ll release that blast on Tuesday you can start doing your RSVP and your hotel reservations beginning next Tuesday but right now mark your dates on the on the calendar for October 20th through the 23rd we’re looking forward to that. Again Maggie Valley/Chimney Rock Mountain Drive more information will come up on that. Down in the down to the footnotes tonight I’m I’ve got to read them because we have so many things (uh) Caffeine and Gasoline in Sarasota is coming up this Saturday (um) head out to that. That’s at the BMW of Sarasota just adjacent to that a lot of cars show up for that a lot of fun. I enjoy going up there check them out. Bimmers, Bends & Brews Wesley Chapel this is a Kevin Tipton’s drive monthly drive so look for that that’s on this Saturday as well if you haven’t registered you need to get in there real quick and get that done (uh) June Panhandle Meet and Eat that’s on June the 2nd up in the Panhandle that’s Justin and Courtney up in up in the Pensacola area so check that one out. We have a couple of drives as things going on from some other chapters that we’ve listed on the (uh) on the review for this month. Coming up in Jacksonville on June the 8th is the monthly meeting up there check out that RSVP (uh) Al McKay’s up there trying to get that thing rolling so check him out go out and see Al. Summer driving school at Roebling is on June 10th through the 12th I think that’s limited capacity Peachtree is sponsoring this one, Peachtree Chapter, so get in on that on Roebling I know we just had several folks go up and do Roebling just the other month, great track great outing so go check that out. June the 18th (uh) we have (uh) the June Fort Myers Cars and Coffee that’s right before Father’s Day weekend look forward to seeing a bunch of folks out I hope a lot of folks are in town for that and (uh) check that out (uh) the OCC up in the (uh) south Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater area June 21st I went to that last month had a (had a) fabulous blast a lot of great people there food’s great, the venue is great, I just had a great time. I’ll be back to the OCC as soon as I can get there. We got some other things coming up the Essex Rendezvous, the Pittsburgh Grand. I’ll let you look down through that in June and July check that out but (um) August the 9th and 10th Women’s Driving Experience at Indy, it’s limited capacity you need to get on there if you’re interested in going ladies get in there get signed up we already have folks that are heading that way (uh) just (just) a great event women’s drive on experience at Indy and you could say you did it. So if that’s on your bucket list you better get on there quick I got to believe it’s going to be a pretty popular event pretty (pretty) sure it’s going to get sold out fast so get on there. August 25th is the driving school at Road Atlanta (uh) Peachtree invited us up to do that so they’re hosting that but then again I’ll just remind you mark your calendars October 20th through the 23rd look for the email blast coming out in this coming Tuesday what is that, June 1st, (uh) a special announcement on Tuesday for the mountain drive so get out get that signed up and (and) then details will follow but we’ll have everything ready for you on Tuesday to see. Mark your calendars now more to come. Hey lots going on (um) shame on you if you’re sitting on a sofa just watching, check out all the events down below. Again thanks to the Area Governors thanks for Carol thanks for all the leadership help putting these kind of things together we’re filling the calendar up with things to do shame on you if you’re not a part of it. Be careful the traffic this summer, check the air in your tires before you get going, very important thing and (uh) as we always say, Happy Motoring, see you soon folks, thanks, bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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