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Hey, good morning everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey we’re out in another Cars and Coffee and (uh) hey this morning I want to do this to a really good friend of ours, a new member of our chapter for about six months Sean Shackelford. Sean how you doing smart buddy? [Sean} Good, nice to meet you. [Stan] Good, good to have you here and (um) Sean’s got (Sean’s got) a hot package we’re gonna go through today. This is amazing, this is a new Competition M4? [Sean] at ’22 M4 Competition. [Stan] Wow it’s amazing, so let’s (uh) let’s take a look, we’re going to go under the hood first and (uh) Sean’s going to tell us a little bit about it. Sean you’ll talk a little loud. [Sean] Okay, so I mean starting off visual-wise, I mean carbon engine cover, Apex build, (uh) intakes, (um) underneath all this stuff Apex built added, you know, race down pipes (um) so those have been on the car for about six months now. I mean that’s pretty much everything under the hood I mean CSF heat exchanger that’s about it. [Stan] Yeah, this is a beautiful car. Let’s put the hood down let’s get a good shot of the front end of this. [Sean] Yeah. [Stan] Oooh, nice looking. Let’s take a look at on the inside Carol. John tell us what we got on the inside. [Sean] So this car is (uh) paint-wise is individual LeMans blue on Silverstone and on the inside I option the carbon buckets and then the carbon shrimp and what I did after the fact is I put in a M performance steering wheel and I had I had striped paint match the interior. [Stan] Beautiful interior, love the layout, love (uh) and you’re you did a good job detailing this car completely out, I love the stripes on the floor mat that that’s really detailed. [Sean] My friends over at (um) they’re at Glossy Detailing, they’re a local company and they did all the, they do all my washing and everything for me when I can, [Stan] So this this is beautiful let’s take a look at the tail of the car, so this car from the rear just really talks to you (uh) let’s see what we got back here. Love the tail lights. [Sean] So these are OEM CSL tail lights right out of Germany (uh) EuroSpec (um) exhaust-wise I’m running full Active Auto Work exhaust and then I had an M performance wing from the factory but I switched that out, Popovitch came out with their Aero program so I have their wing on. [Stan] Well we’re glad to have you in the chapter (uh) it’s just just, it’s amazing we’re we’re growing our chapter is just growing leaps and bounds and we’re now covering about six decades of (uh of uh) BMW families if you will. [Sean] Yeah. [Stan] From the young folks to the old folks (uh) we’re making it happen here. Sean man, it’s good to see you, thanks for coming out, love the car. (uh) Have fun, I understand you’re shipping it up North for a month driving up there. [Sean] A few track days up there so. [Stan] We’re looking forward to some pictures there. [Sean] Yeah. [Stan] So we will (uh) we’ll see you soon then. Hey folks (uh) come on out and join us at all of our events (the cha) the calendar is full, there’s only two or three days between events and some days we have two or three events on the same day around the state. So (uh) as we say, if you’re sitting on the sofa man you’re burning time, come on out, have fun with us, until then Happy Motoring, see you next trip, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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