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Hey guys Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey, it’s (uh) it’s May and we’ve got things just cooking here. The calendar is full just full of stuff to do (uh) you almost can’t take a breath without having options to go here there north south east or west we got the pages covered (uh) and (and) they just run day after day after day which is really pretty cool so you have a lot of choices (uh) for the from the Florida SunCoast group and thanks to all of our Area Governors for doing this planning and getting these things put together so we’re having a ton of fun, So first let me start as I’m videoing this one this is on the 18th and so today starts the event The Vintage for those folks who probably already there that’s pretty cool (uh) if you’re planning on going you better get on you better get a drive and get going because it’s it kicked off today. Friday the 19th when you see this will be the Bourbon Trail Rendezvous kicking off on the 19th. Hope you’re there hope you’re part of that really pretty cool drive up there and on the 20th we have two events on the 20th this Saturday BMW Fort Myers Cars and Coffee 9 to 11 and then from 11 to 1 o’clock in the Ocala/Villages (um) area up there, Meribeth has the (um) the Metro Diner (uh) from 11 to 1 o’clock at some meet and greet (uh) luncheon so take in that event up there and (uh) in Meribeth’s area. On the 21st Irwin Block and John Schneider are involved in the ZSCCA Virtual Drive and so (uh) for all the Z guys already rounding it up and getting it going (uh) due to the Virtual Drive that should be a lot of fun looking forward to seeing the pictures after that one. On the 23rd Jacksonville Meetup at Seven Bridges so Al’s got it going over there on the East Coast so (uh) go check it go check that event out and (uh) and join those folks at Seven Bridges. On the 27th we have Treble Makers that is (um) Bimmers, Bends and Brews, Kevin Tipton’s Drive (uh) the end of the month comes up on the 27th check out Treble Makers. We’ve been there a lot I think the last two months really a good addition to to our to the drive sequence, so check that out. On the 28th we have (uh) Sarasota Motorsports happening which is the F1 watch party something we’ve tossed in here and (uh) Rob’s got that thing planned and so that should be a really cool event go check that out (uh) the F1 all the F1 (uh) fanatics go check out the F1 watch party should be a blast. On the 3rd we have the day full on the 3rd we have it from here to there and everywhere. Let me start up in the in (uh) in Fort Myers the Autocross at the (uh) Gulf Coast Gulf Coast Autocross group kicks off Saturday and Sunday the 3rd and the 4th so the Autocross and I think this will be the June autocross which probably is the last one before the summer heat kicks in they take July and August off so we’ll do this in in June and then come back and come back in uh September. (uh) On the 3rd as well we have the the Panhandle Spring (uh) Country (uh) Tour Drive. So Courtney and the guys have that all going on up there Panhandle Spring Country Tour check that out up in the Panhandle area for all those folks over in that neighborhood and then the BMW of Sarasota Cars and Coffee is also on the 3rd so you have it in the Panhandle you have it in Fort Myers you’ve got it in Sarasota on the weekend of the 3rd and the 4th you’ve got a lot of things (uh) happening. Tons of things going on we continue to plan (um) and just a lot of events so we are we’re pretty proud of the calendar it just keeps us busy and hopefully gives you a lot of options to come out and check out the events (uh) until then, hey come on get off that sofam come on now don’t be shy come on, (u)h we got a spot for you, we’ll introduce you to a lot of folks, have a lot of fun (uh) until then we’ll tell you, Happy Motoring y’all, we’ll see you soon, thanks.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA

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