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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well. Hey, Houston Airport this week, a little noisy, let me see if I can get through it. I’ll get right to it. On the 13th we got the Vintage House Open The Power of M so I hope you’re registered for that, enough to see that. Street Survival over in (uh) with the Everglades chapter over in Miami I know we have some instructors that are going over to work that so appreciate you guys doing that. (uh) On the 14th (uh) up in the Panhandle big Spring Country Tour (uh) Justin and Courtney not knocking that out up there. On the 14th yes Tampa St Pete on the 17th the OCC I was there last month, what an amazing place. You need to go see that, just a really cool place and all the folks there just really welcoming good food too, by the way. The Vintage opens on the 20th. The Vintage up in Asheville, North Carolina Hot Springs area, so I hope you’re (uh) registered for that and up going to that 21st is the Cars and Coffee in Fort Myers/Cape Coral and the 28th we have the SRQ Caffeine and Gasoline in Sarasota. The 28th also (uh) we have the May Bimmers, Bends & Brews at Wesley Chapel, Kevin Tipton’s (uh) drive up there it’s just going to be a blast and then we (we) start out in June. Let me tell you about June, we have something coming up see if you can get registered for that. It’s the Ride to the Ranch it’s on June 4th. Well, we need to get this going and get your registration few other things happening off and around the town but I’ll fill you in later. Hope you’re doing well, as always, Happy Motoring, Happy Flying today, see you guys, bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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