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Hey guys Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey, literally just got off the plane just a few minutes ago and out here (uh) shooting the video real quick for (uh) the group. Apologize, tonight I’m just not going to go through the list and I just haven’t had a chance to rehearse (uh) all the things that were on our calendar but suffice to say a loaded calendar if you will. Everywhere from the Panhandle, Jacksonville all the way uh starting from The Villages/Ocala and all the way down and now a new Cars and Coffee (uh) opening date let me check it out. Over on the east side of Tampa at in Lakeland at (uh) at the BMW dealership there in Lakeland – Fields. (uh) Kyle’s got a program up and going there we’ve got some drive-ons, some (some some) karting information that’s coming at us. This weekend we have free tickets to the finals (uh) tennis tournament in Naples. If you need tickets, just email me and I can get them to you, it’s free Saturday for the semis and free for Sunday the finals, so if you want to come and be a part of that a really cool thing. We have a new Cars and Coffee that’s going to go off down in Naples next month June the 11th and then just a ton of things going on across the (across the) chapter everywhere so (um) just wanted to say hey thanks to everybody. I want to say thanks to Heidi for the house party last weekend. Opened up our home well I think we had roughly 45-50-55 folks there just a great time that we shared (uh) shared some time together (uh) great food, great social program, so thanks to Heidi to Hope and to Justin for allowing us to come into their home. What a great event that was and (uh) we’ll look for other kinds of events just like that around the area. Maybe quarter a quarterly house party, if somebody is open to a house party in the Panhandle, somebody’s opening the house party up in The Villages/Ocala area or something region like that and then maybe down here in Fort Myers/Naples area. One a quarter is a great way to get some folks together. So maybe we stumbled on something really pretty cool and and be able to do that but I just want to thank all the Area Governors for all their hard work and tasks we’re putting these events together, really want to say thank you to to the Motorsports group they are turning over some rocks, turning over some stones to make things happen. A lot of events coming up we’re trying to put them together and get them out there. We’re working on the the go-kart thing so we’re gonna have to act pretty quick. I think Kevin and I have a call with the track try to line up the finalization of that but then we have some other things going on in co-op if we’re going to go to Sebring in a co-op we’re going to go to The Firm and a co-op so a lot of opportunities to get some cars on the track or get some track time for those folks that like that. As always we appreciate everything you’re doing take a look at the (uh) at the calendar down below and (uh) and do your RSVP and get involved come on out and share time with us. It’s summer the traffic’s a little crazy or it’s getting closer to summer traffic’s getting crazy school will be out in just a few weeks so (uh) folks lives will be going all different directions so if you’re traveling around the state take a look and see what’s happening in our BMW family and you can attend (a fan) an event a BMW FSC BMW event at any of our locations around the state (uh) just make sure you know what’s going on and when it’s happening and you’re always invited. Until then (um) come on get off that sofa, let’s go do some things, as always Happy Motoring y’all, see you soon, thank you now.


Hey good morning guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey we’re here in Sarasota at BMW Sarasota for Cars and Coffee on Saturday morning and hey let me introduce you to one of my new friends Jason Lambert. Jason Van how are you glad to have you. Jason, (uh) how long have you been a member of the chapter? [Jason] For over a year. [Stan] Yeah, a little over a year and we just thought we’d take a few minutes and talk to Jason. Behind me we have a beast. We’re gonna unleash the beast today so (uh) by our great photographer Britt is behind (is behind) the camera this morning taking care of us, so Brett (uh) tune in on Jason here. Jason tell us what you got. [Jason] Sure so I have a (uh) 22 G80 M3. I have a full catless downpipe full titanium exhaust inventory intake. I have the Vargas Turbo, strut races, I also have an upgraded CSF intercooler, CSF transmission coolers (uh) full carbon package. I have the carbon grill, carbon lift on dropped on AST Springs with vision forged wheels running about close to 700 wheel horsepower right now about 695-ish somewhere around there. [Stan] Wow, this is just a beast Jason awesome. What’s on the inside? [Jason] (uh) Just (uh) all black interior, no carbon buckets seats, (uh) just stock leather interior, everything stock [inaudible] in the rear here I have GTS style tail lights (um) with the (uh) titanium exhaust tips and then (uh) started up here just (uh) see if it (uh) see if it’ll start remotely. If not I can start it. That’s not going to start remotely with the with the hood up yep so. [Stan] Wow. [Jason] That’s my baby. [Stan] This is a nice ride. So, folks this is what we do when we come out to Cars and Coffee. We drink some coffee, we eat donuts but we meet all new friends making some new friends and we just checking out what’s the hottest thing on the highway. So (uh) hey come on out and join us at one of our events, our track events, our Cars and Coffee, our tours (uh) dinners, breakfast, lunches, whatever we’re doing, come on out this is what it’s all about. If you’re a BMW owner you need to get off the sofa and come on and have fun with us. [Jason] Absolutely. [Stan] As we say with everybody, Happy Motoring.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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