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Hey there, just wanted to  say “hey” …
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey everybody, this is Stan Dale, President of Florida Suncoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well. Hey we got a lot of things going on, just want to make sure that you take a look at the events list down below. Tonight and (um and) hey take advantage of what we have on the list there. We continue to add a lot of things but I want to call some a real special attention to those folks out in the Panhandle. Hey we’ve been trying to get this going out there and we have two great (just two great) area governors out there working in the Pensacola area right now. (uh) Courtney Jordan and Justin Anderson are just doing a bang-up job trying to get the thing off the ground. So tonight you’re going to see (or today you’re going to see) a a little thing down below about the Pensacola area trying to get that up and going in the panhandle area. So please if you’re from that area just give us some information. We’re trying to set things up but but we need some information from you. Who are, you where are you, and what do you want to do. I think you’re going to see it all down below and let Courtney and Justin know that so we can get the we get that area of the country up and going. (uh) You see a lot of activities going from Jacksonville area all up and down the the west coast of Florida, so we’ve got a lot of things going. We got some other stuff going on up in the Tallahassee area so get out and take part of these kind of things. Hey on a different note just want to say congratulations to Carol Villar. Carol acts as our (uh) as our Webmaster and serves as secretarial, which I hate that word, but (uh) secretarial duties for the Chapter in and of itself she’s one of our Officers but congratulations to Carol. We got a great opportunity just (just) the other week dear to Cars and Coffee. (um) Lou Ann Shirk and Lonny Shirk came down and (uh) Lou Ann serves as the BMW CCA Executive Vice President and presented (uh) Chapter Officer of the Year (um) plaque to Carol. A lot of work Carol does and it’s recognized all over the country. I don’t know if you know that but (uh but) Carol takes care of the website for two different chapters (uh) one here and then one out in the western area. So just want to say thanks to Carol. She’s (she’s) the lady behind the scenes making these kind of things happen. So can’t just, couldn’t do it without her. She does (uh does) just a great job for us but (uh) Congratulations to Carol and it was great to see Lou Ann and Lonnie come down and visit with (with) the folks here. So (uh) hey here it is it’s all down below take advantage (uh) get out sign up do some things, let us know what you want to do if you don’t see it’s on there. We’re glad to do that. We got some a couple big items coming this (uh) this (uh) summer this (this uh) and this Fall, so stay tuned look for those and (uh) love to see you out. So hey everybody, happy motoring, good to see you, bye.


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