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Oh, hey everybody Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey we’re doing a little experimenting tonight with some camera tricks and I have a just an amazing camera man here behind the thing. (uh) So Brent thanks man for coming out I know you’re hard in your studies (uh) but (uh) we’re doing to have a little fun tonight. You can see I’m out with the twins tonight and (uh) people asking it’s the 07 and the 09 (uh) 335s so I just have a little fun with them tonight and start sort of changing things up. A lot to talk about short period of time let me get right into it. So (uh) coming up this weekend (uh) we have Cars and Coffee at BMW Sarasota. A ton of people showed up, you should have RSVP for this event we will have a lot of people at Cars and Coffee on Saturday and you have to have had RSVP’d. We’ll go from there to Heidi’s home for an afternoon party picnic so make sure you’ve checked your RSVP. You will need her home address in the RSVP to get in the security gate. We’ll leave the Cars and Coffee at Sarasota and go straight on over to Heidi’s home and where we’ll enjoy the afternoon so (uh) looking forward to a great Saturday. Sunday we have (uh) we have a Punta Gorda. John’s groups doing Punta Gorda on Saturday morning and (uh) another great (another great) outing there in (in) the Punta Gorda area. (uh) Let me give you some really cool news. We’ve just arranged to deal with BMW of Naples. Two events coming up and I’m really excited about this. I’m really proud that BMW of Naples, John Casco has stepped up to the plate and we have two great things coming. First let me just tell you in conjunction with BMW of Naples, Florida SunCoast and Emilio Sanchez Academy (which is a tennis academy in Naples) have given us 12 free tickets to the finals/semi-finals and finals on June 13th and 14th in Naples at the Academy. This is a sixty thousand dollar ladies tennis tournament and we have private seats with some goodies and I’m not going to tell you about those but we have some goodies that go along with it. I have 12 free tickets to the semi-final and the final if you want those tickets you’re going to have to call or email or text me I have the tickets and I’ll give those out to the first 12 callers on Saturday and the first 12 callers on Sunday June 13th and June 14th. This is an amazing thing Amelia is doing down there and (um) just supporting women’s tennis so come on out and and be a part of that great (uh) great Academy great teaching Academy and just appreciate that appreciate (um) also John with BMW Naples of getting this all put together. So the second thing is June 11th, I’ll jump ahead, while I know we have a lot of things on our calendar and a lot of the regular things that we have on our calendar don’t want to overlook those but June 11th we do our first Cars and Coffee, it’s a Sunday, first Cars and Coffee at BMW Naples that enables at their new location. (They’re clearing the showcase) They’re clearing the showroom and we’re going to put seven of our first top RSVPs for that event in the showroom (uh) with some (uh) just some really great treats some (uh) some high-end coffee connoisseur folks should show up because we’re gonna have some really good coffee there and some really nice (uh uh) some other treats to eat and I’ll leave that as we put everything on the on the website but (uh) keep June 11th in (in) on your calendar just going to be a really cool event there. A lot of other things coming up we have the MiX coming up at the end of June up in Greer, South Carolina and then (uh) and just the next few weeks we will start rolling out information about the October Drive. We’ve closed it, we have a waiting list but those folks that are in will get their first email blast and (uh) we’ll start talking about things to do what we’re gonna do and be and being ready for that. (um) For those folks that are asking, Larry Cobb you’re one of them I know, by asking about our clothing program we are almost there. Just that close to having to get finalized and out and now we have another surprise we have the (uh) the cling stickers for the windshields or or back windshield side windshield however you’re going to attach it (uh) those should be out here and available in just a couple weeks we had a little snafu with the first batch we didn’t like them so we’re doing a second batch and then we’ll have those I think we’ve got (uh) 500 a 1000 something like that coming to us so (uh uh) we’re making it happen. A lot of other things check the website as always, all the links down there. Thanks to Carol she’s getting all this stuff going on and (uh) thanks to my cameraman tonight Brett for coming out such a late notice and getting this video. Until then, we’re going to tell you, as always, if you’re sitting on a sofa man you’re wasting time come on out, Happy Motoring, see you soon.

Hey everybody, this is a special notice about go-kart racing. I want to bring you up to date on what we’re doing. We have a tentative date at Bushnell which is up in the (uh) just north of Ocala area there (uh) in Florida. (um) We’re looking to put together a (a) 3-hour endurance race at a karting track, I believe, it’s the date we have pinned right now is June 17th. Short notice but here’s what we have. We have 10 carts (uh) we put together 10 teams, you can put together a team of two, three, or four the carts will cost us about $320-$325 for the 3-hour endurance. You could pay for the whole cart, you can split it between another person, three people or four people as co-drivers for the cart for the 3-hour. We have 10 carts available, we’re gonna sell out pretty quick and got to have a member per kart is how we’ll set it up and then you can be friends or guests or whatever the case may be, but look for more information there will be a quick piece probably not today or tomorrow but in the next day or two, watch the RSVP. We need to know who’s interested and we’re gonna have a very short window. If you’re interested in doing an endurance race on go-karts just (uh) just north of Tampa just little ways. So watch for that and (uh) we’ll have some fun. We’ll see you soon, hey thanks guys, see ya.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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