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Hey there, just wanted to take a minute (or more) to say “hey” …
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey folks, Stan Dale, President of Florida Suncoast BMW Chapter. Hope you’re doing well. Hey let me jump right into it (let me get into it) tonight because we have a lot of things to talk about. Some things coming up on our calendar, I think you’ll be excited to hear about. Hey we’re opening some stuff up (uh) Board Meeting is (uh) next Wednesday night. I think that’s going to be something like the 10th, something like that so we’ll be cranking out some information just following that. But first, Sunday, March the 7th is the B.I.G Show in Cape Coral, Florida. That’s the British Italian German Show, there’s ton of BMWs already in it. I think we have 54 German vehicles in it this year. So we’ve dominated the field this year. (uh) So come on out and see that. If you ‘reregistered and showing in that, great we’ll look forward to seeing you. If you haven’t registered but you want to come out and just take part, it’s free so just show up. It’s a pretty cool thing. It’s on the (it’s on the) links below so just check it out. (uh) Secondly let me tell you a little about March the 27th, this is Saturday (Saturday)morning (uh) from 9 to 11 at Performance Motor Werks in (uh)Ft Myers, Florida it’s “Lift” Saturday. Hey if you’ve never been under your BMW come on out (uh) we’re going to be lifting cars up. Monty’s going to put us up on the lift. If you’ve never seen the underside of your car, most of us haven’t, come on out we’ll put you up in the air let you see what you look like from the bottom up. So (uh) Lift Saturday, we have food we have drinks (uh) it’ll be a blast. Last time we did this we had a ton of folks out so just a lot of fun. Look for the information below. It may be this week but if not check it out for next week and then get on that list. Hey if you haven’t checked out our “Ask Gil” program below please do, that we’ve got some just amazing questions that come through. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer got to fix a little bit of something here don’t want to take it to a shop there but you can you want to get in touch with one of our master techs. We have two on staff so (uh) “Ask Gil” write in your questions and he’s really good about getting back to you so (uh) look forward to seeing those questions (um) and Gil, thank you for all you do man. It’s just, you’re just a rock star. Let me tell you about a couple other things that are going up. We’re opening up (uh) we’ve got some interest up in the Panhandle. Hey guys we know you’re there but we want to get you involved and do some things so we have (uh) two guys up there Courtney Jordan is one of our Area Governors up there and we’ve got Justin Anderson who’s going to join him in planning some events and those events will go from the Pensacola area (uh) out to the Mobile area and (uh) join up and we’re trying to really get some things happening up there. These two guys are stepping forward and being a part of that action so he glad to hear from you and look for some really cool things to come up in that (up in that) direction. (uh) One other thing (um) had one of the Trustees from the BMW Foundation reach out to us and say hey, look there’s a link to a BMW forum link that tells you everything about the BMW Foundation, the Museum and everything is coming and going so we’re going to put that link on our website. (uh) Keeps you up to date on what’s going on in the forum and (and uh) or excuse me in the Foundation. You get up in that general direction up in the Spartanburg Greenville, Spartanburg area, South Carolina get around the (uh) the BMW Plant the Foundation’s just around the corner from there so please check them out support them. (uh) Just sort of keep tabs and if you’re in that area want to make a trip up to that area. Hey there you go, so we give you a great way to do that so check out that link. Last and but not least we want to say thank you to Dwayne Mosley who’s been our Regional Vice President for the last two terms and it’s just amazing guy. He’s really put a heart and soul into the Florida area. Spent a lot of time down here trying to help us out with the Sebring issues and all those other kind of things and Dwayne’s just been remarkable to work with. We’re going to miss him but I know Dwayne’s going to be active and doing other things we’ll see him around and we just want to say “Dwayne we appreciate you” at the same time in April we’re going to welcome in Simone Harrison. Simone will be the new Regional Vice President for the South Atlantic area and (uh) Simone is, I think the former President for the Peachtree Chapter out of Atlanta. (uh) She’s pretty active based on the resume I saw. She’s into auto racing and the whole nine yards. She’s got a really neat background when it comes to BMW and supporting the Chapter supporting the CCA. So Simone, we look forward to seeing you, working with you, got your hands cut out for us all these people down here in the South Atlantic group so we welcome you aboard and look forward to working with you. Again thank you Dwayne. Hey, listen if you’ve got something that you want to get done, you want to some kind of event in your area we have Area Governors. All you need to do is just reach out to them say “hey we want to do something, we want to get out a little bit, we want to stretch our legs, we want to take a tour or take a drive. “Go to our website look up your Area Governor you got a phone number and you’ve got an email address and hey, if you can’t get in touch with him call me I’ll get in touch with you. So (uh) let’s get this thing cranked back up. We look forward, we appreciate everybody, and (uh) it’s just (a) it’s time to have some fun. Let’s get out of this (uh) lockdown and (and) kick it up. From me to you, happy motoring, be safe, thank you y’all see you now.

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