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Hey everybody, Stan dDale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, well I’ve finally done it, taking off the black shirt, the white shirt. I’m actually traveling this week I’m in Houston coming to you (uh) try to get a quick update here in the hotel lobby got a lot of folks watching so (uh) Florida SunCoast is well represented across the country. (um) So let me just cut right to it. We have a lot on the calendar this coming month. I just looked at a calendar and I thought, I believe the (the) most we go in the entire month of April is three days without an event, there are many days we have double events going on across the state, so just a lot to do, a lot of offerings, so as a BMW Car Club member particularly the one for Florida SunCoast BMW you have options to go come and go and do different things a variety of things across the state and we’re very very proud of as we (as we) really round out this Area Governor energy to bring these events to you. I want to just go through a quick list and and now it’s getting so long that even my memory can’t keep up with it, so I’m going to refer to the calendar real quick. On the first we have two events: Sarasota BMW Sarasota Cars and Coffee this Saturday, with tomorrow after you see this, and then on the same day (uh) we’re doing the Panhandle Spring Country Drive up in (uh up in) the (uh) Panhandle area. Doing a really great spring drive up there. Punta Gorda on the 2nd on Sunday, Punta Gorda we’re doing the breakfast (uh) Port Charlotte breakfast John’s group and the Z group together doing that Sunday morning piece. We jump right to the 6th with the Pensacola (uh) Meet & Eat, that’s at the Bavaria. On the 8th we’re doing the Tuning Dynamics, Kevin put the, Kevin Tipton, put together this tuning Dynamics thing the Dyno Day, if you will jump in that. That’s (uh) first time we’ve done a Dyno Day and so we want to get folks out and take advantage of that. I believe that said and (um) that’s at Port Richey, so (uh) jump on that, take a look at that that’s on the 8th. On the 9th at Whole Foods, Meribeth has our (uh) Gainesville Cars and Coffee kick off up there and then (um) and then Chris has our Bimmers&Dinner in Panama City, I believe that’s going to be at the Sonny’s BBQ, there in Lynn Haven Florida so (uh) building that group up there in the Lost Coast. Thanks Chris for taking that up. (uh) Friday Night Social, this is a brand new thing, this is Downtown Tampa at Channelside Parking Garage. it’s the top deck Bimmers galore all over the place, BMW’s galore all over the place. It’s something new for (uh) just a social thing on Friday evenings, Friday nights so that’s on the 14th. Go check that out, it’s a lot of fun, a lot of activity, a lot of cars up there, so just trying some new things and I’ll (uh) I’ll just I thank Kevin Tipton for putting that together, heading that up. (uh) Fort Myers Cars and Coffee comes up on the 15th, on the 15th also, we have (um) the April drive to Caps in St Augustine that’s up in the Jacksonville area so (um) Al McKay’s putting that drive together on the on the 15th as well, so one side of the states Cars and Coffee one side of the state’s got the drive on the 15th. On the 18th, see I promise you we didn’t go more than just a couple of days between events, on the 18th is the Clearwater Meeting at the OCC on the 18th. I was there last month, great great venue again just encourage you to go out and continue to thank everybody Tony and everybody that builds that out the Revs tour, the Revs tour is April 21st. So I see the reservations coming in I’m going to be on that one (uh) just an amazing walk through a collection of cars ranked one of the top two-three-four car collections in the world. (uh) Down in Naples Florida so we’re going to do that and then we’re going to go to lunch have a great time doing that looking forward to seeing all of our friends come out for that. (um) The Olive Garden in Jacksonville follows up on the 25th, Al McKay has the Olive Garden in jacks on the 25th. The 29th is Bimmers, Bends & Brews. Kevin’s (uh uh) spirited drive out through the country and then we’re trying out a new (uh) cat-watering hole (uh) restaurant kind of thing after that (um) and then we turn it back into Fort Walton Beach Meet & Eat comes up on the 4th of May and then the 6th of May is the Cars and Coffee again at Sarasota BMW next in May and that is (uh) and then we have the BMW picnic at Heidi’s home (uh) so first 50 55 Folks at RSVP it’s going to be closed because we’re just parking and (uh and) and everything we limited to 50. Here’s the news (uh) for October, October (uh) Mountain Drive is sold out, We’re now taking waiting list only (uh) so (um) if you’re on that (uh) part of that (uh um uh) group that’s gonna be going to the mountains in October you’re going to be getting some special emails as we start to now finalize the plans and just assure what (uh) who’s going and names and name tags and all that other kind of stuff you’ll be getting special emails just to you (uh) you won’t come through any of the broadcast anymore, Those folks that are on the waiting list I’ll send you an email to confirm you’re on the Waiting List and then if we have someone in that can’t make it for some unfortunate reason then we go by dates of RSVP on the Waiting List to ask you to jump in there and take over. A lot of things going on as we told you (um) just just a ton of things as I like to say so (uh) come on out be a part, (uh) it’s just it’s an amazing group of folks we we truly are enjoying it and thanks to the AGs, the area Governors, what an amazing calendar month this is what we’ve been dreaming about. So (um) as we say if you’re sitting on a sofa you’re wasted time ,come on out (uh) and join us. From-from Houston Texas, Happy Motoring, y’all be home soon, bye now.

Hey everybody Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast, one more special announcement. (uh) Coming to you from Houston here but I wanted to tell you about (uh) the (uh) MiX for this year. (uh) The MiX in (uh) Greer, South Carolina at the BMW CCA home office and at the Performance Center. All the activities for that weekend, I believe, it starts June the 22nd (um) it’s up on the website below Carol’s put it down there also the lodging information is there. I’m going, Kimberly’s going, there’s already a bunch of folks going, so if you want to get in (um) BMW CCA has negotiated a special price with the Hampton Inn there in Greer South Carolina, the closest one to the thing, I believe it’s a $139 or something like that. Take a look. I’m already registered (uh) so jump on there and then as soon as we can do that in the next week or so we’ll be finding out who’s going and if we’re going to carpool up, if we’re going to tour up together (uh) but (uh) I think FSC will be well represent presented. Jump on there. The registration is open now get in and have some fun. You’ll see the prices are amazing. So special announcement (uh) jump on this MiX, we’re going to have some fun, thanks y’all, see ya.

Info on the MiX @ and

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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