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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well. Hey, you can tell I’m not close to home right now. I’m up in Maggie Valley, North Carolina scouting some hotels and accommodations and some activities for this fall’s drive into the (uh) Appalachian. We’re gonna have a really cool time (uh) watch for information (information) coming (uh) soon about that (uh) trip dates and those types of things. Hey two things on our agenda, I wanna want you to pay attention down below. First let me talk to you about this. (um) We’re trying to revitalize the Euro Delivery. I know probably, personally,
a dozen folks, dozen couples that have taken the European Delivery. What a great thing, of course, with covet BMW (BMW uh) Germany shut that feature down but there’s a push going on. If you saw Brian Thompson’s article on page 99 and I think it was the uh maybe January or February Roundel (uh) where there’s an effort to get that back. I’ll post some information down below and (uh) and please just drop a card. If you’ve never done the European Delivery this is something you want to get a campaign, we really want to make some noise BMWs CCA is behind the push and we’re really trying to get that back on for folks.
for those folks that have done the Euro Delivery you know it’s just an amazing opportunity and we want to open the door back up for folks that have never or folks have done it folks that have never had a chance to do it. Secondly (um) block off May 7th. May 7th is huge, some of you Equestrian fans may know that is Kentucky Derby day but up in our Ocala area Ted Kadala who is our Area Governor for that area is putting together an amazing Saturday for us on May 7th and we’re going to the World Equestrian Center there in Ocala. You need to (you need to) google that, just an amazing location but Ted’s got it set up for us to come up. There’ll be some very unique cars on show. They’re also looking for some unique cars to put in the show so you might want to touch base with Ted. We’ll give you the link down below. (um) There’s a really big feature charity feature for Friday’s (Friday) night (uh) it’s a little pricey but (uh) hey it’s well worth of the price (uh) but this Saturday (uh) the Saturday event I believe it’s like 20 bucks so (uh) it’s worth the drive up to Ocala beautiful drive up but if you’ve never been to the Equestrian Center, if you don’t know that is the world center of equestrian sports (uh) breeding the whole nine yards so let me (uh) let me point you toward May 7th, get that on your calendar. Secondly (um) coming up tomorrow (tomorrow) will be our (uh) Gasoline and Coffee at the (uh) Caffeine sorry, Gasoline and Caffeine, I finally get it right, in Sarasota so be there. I’m actually going to be at the dealership that Saturday morning talking (uh) to the sales personnel at the (uh) BMW of Sarasota so I’ll be there early and then I’ll come over and join the crowd (uh) there’s a (there’s a) drive going on Kevin (kip) Kevin Tipton has a drive going on (uh) take a look at that. If you haven’t already talked to him you need to get on the list real quick another one of Kevin’s famous drives so do that. We have a ton of things going on (uh) we’re also working on the Daytona drive-on in November as well as the Sebring drive-on in uh in December. Lots of things happening (uh) with the Chapter all around. Don’t let me forget the guys up in the Panhandle , (uh) Courtney and Justin are just doing a bang-up job getting things going up there and (uh) in doing that. Thanks to Al MacKay for the activities going on over in the Jacksonville area pick up on that and we’ll see you soon. Hey look, happy motoring, bye now see ya.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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