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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey got some exciting news for you, stick around to the end of this video tonight got a big surprise for everybody. A quick announcement and a lot of cool things gonna happen over the course of the next week or so, so just want to make sure you’re aware of them. Before we get to that let me just top off some of our (um some of our) calendar events coming up. (uh) This coming Saturday Ft Myers Cars & Coffee, (uh) the 21st the OCC up at (uh up at) St Pete/Clearwater, on the 25th, (uh) Kevin’s (uh) Bimmers Brews and Bends on the 25th, also is the Gainesville Meet and Greet luncheon so check that out. When we get to the first of next month April’s gonna be here really quick. A couple things, the BMW of Sarasota, the Cars and Coffee on the same thing on the first we have the Panhandle Spring Country Drive so those guys, those folks up in the Ft Walton Beach area, Pensacola Beach, Panama City, an area I want to get involved in that, that’s a great drive, Courtney’s got that set up and just a really nice Spring drive out through the country and I think there might be some barbecue included in that so you might just want to check it out. (uh) On the 6th we have the Pensacola Meet and Eat, Justin’s (a) group over there so join them, on the 8th we have at Tuning Dynamics ,we have a Dyno Day starts at 7:30 in the morning, pre-registration you can get it done for 80 bucks, so if you always had a question about what kind of a horsepower you cars making, 80 bucks. Day of (day of) event registration is 120 bucks, if you want to just go and watch it’s all free but we’re going to have to have some folks sign up for it so we can watch somebody so (uh) get out there Tuning Dynamics look for the information below you can RSVP, I think Kevin Tipton is helping setting that up. On the 9th we have Gainesville Cars & Coffee and on the 11th (uh) Panama City (uh) Bimmers and Dinner, (uh) that’s Chris’s new thing up there on the Forgotten Coast, so come check it out. For those folks that were interested in the Reeves, the Revs visit down in Naples that’s on the 21st of April, we moved it because we had some conflict with the March date so a lot of folks couldn’t make it March (March) date so it’s now April 21st so get tuned in. Hey this past weekend we (we we) hosted the South Atlantic Chapters (uh) Congress, if you will, in Tampa about 40-45 folks were out and just some really cool special news, there’s going to be a lot of information come out about this in the coming next week and I’m sort of backing up here because I got a big surprise for you. (um) There are (there are) (um) there’s an International BMW Council once a year names one chapter “Chapter of the Year” worldwide and I’m just proud, cut to the chase, there’s gonna be more details, you’ll see how we qualify, the whole nine yards, it’s about a two-year vetting process but the International chapter based in Germany has 54 countries they look at, it’s only been won one time in the US and I think it’s back in 2015 to the Pittsburgh Chapter. (uh) Well I’m just proud, I just, I can’t tell you how proud I am of all of our members and volunteers for our Chapter but Florida SunCoast, see if I can flip this around for us, (um) nope so I can’t flip it around, so here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m turn the camera around, Florida SuncCoast is now the recipient of Chapter of the Year. Chapter of the Year for, (um) which is just absolutely amazing, for 2022. I think that picture’s the in the right way, maybe it is (maybe it is) we’re going to have the trophy (uh the trophy) is going to go on a tour for all of our events. I’ll be trying to schedule tenants and all the different events that are coming up around (uh around) the Florida SunCoast area. (um) We want people to be able to see it, touch it and say you’ve touched a trophy that’s one of a kind (uh)just a main uh just) just an amazing (uh) outcome (uh) and listen, it’s a lot of work that we do with the chapter, a lot of things that we’ve done over time (uh) to build the chapter new events (uh) just some (some) concepts that help BMW CCA grow and so (uh) it’s all about the members and (and uh and) what you do as volunteers and members so it’s a very humbling, a very humbling (uh um) position look at look down below we have a couple of videos and some other information that’s going to give you a little bit more. (uh) Got to tell you, thanks to our Executive Director, Frank Patek, to our to our vice president, Executive Vice President CCA, Lou Ann Shirk, to our Regional VP, Simone Harrison and (uh and) others that were involved in helping this come (come) about. Total surprise on our part, we didn’t know it until last Saturday and (uh) it’s just been (uh) it’s been a pretty cool week I have to admit to you. (um) Take a look at the videos down below, watch for your Bimmer, let’s see, watch for a BimmerLife email on the 20th that comes out and Mike Bevels with BimmerLife is going to have an article on us, on the Chapter and on our recipient on and on winning this. You’ll see pictures and details and (and) get all the stats but I just just ecstatic this is going to be a really cool year for us (um) and (um) hey, the coolest thing I can say is, the it’s the chapter, the best chapter in the World. Here it is folks. (uh) Enjoy it, so until I see you then, (uh) we’re gonna say (uh) get off the sofa come play. Happy Motoring y’all, see you soon, thanks.

Hey everyone, I’m Lou Ann Shirk, I’m the Executive Vice President of the BMW Car Club of America. I’m here with Stan Dale, who is President of the (of the) SunCoast Chapter and I just want to congratulate you on this absolutely fabulous and prestigious award from the BMW International Council of Clubs in Germany. This is really really difficult award to get and I’m so excited to be able to have presented today in front of a huge group here in Tampa and there are over 230,000 members worldwide that fall under the International Council Clubs [Wow] and it covers about 54 countries, so this is, as far as I know, this is only the second time that a BMW Car Club of America Chapter has won this award so (um) congratulations on that. It’s it was a long time coming, it’s it’s kind of a crazy thing when (when uh) I started this over a year ago and I wasn’t able to say anything at all to Stan about it, it was driving me crazy and last week he had mentioned at a an event we were attending that he was so proud that they have won local regional and national awards and now you’ve won an international award so congratulations. [Stan] Thank you, Lou Ann, I’ll tell you it’s (it’s) remarkable, it’s (uh it’s) all it’s (it’s) very humbling (um) the Chapter has worked such a hard (uh) couple of years to put together multiple chapters and (and) have events planned throughout the state. I got to tell you, it’s not, it’s this is all about the volunteers that do this our Officers, our Board, our Area Governors and our members and they all come out and participate, our vendors at our dealerships and our independent (uh) dealership or independent shops they all support us. It’s amazing what this does to know that this is the so this is worldwide this is won worldwide is just (uh) very humbling, very proud of our folks. It’s as we said, as we talked off camera, this is a (this is a a) “WE” this is all about us as a Chapter collectively. It’s not about any one person and (uh and) that, I think it’s (uh it’s it’s) an amazing, it’s an amazing award. Yes, we appreciate it. [Lou Ann] I’m glad to have been a part of it and I’m very proud as a Florida SunCoast member and I’m also I tell you there’s a lot of pride being a BMW of Car Club of America National Board member very proud of what you’ve done. We’ve thrown a lot at you in the past years. (um) Yeah with consolidation of Chapters and and really proud of the program that you’ve done with the governorships and and it’s really shown that that’s a really good retention tool and thank you very much for all you do for the chapter. [Stan] Well we gotta, I gotta thank all the leadership at BMW CCA it’s just, (uh it’s) it’s remarkable to have all the support staff there, (uh) knows us, all the support staff there, you know just do a remarkable job, yourself, Frank and I’ll leave all the names out not in unintentionally but it’s just remarkable how the support that we get and (um) that’s what makes it worth it it’s a to be able to parlay that into the entire membership of Florida SunCoast is just (uh) as I said, it’s very humbling. [Lou Ann] Well congratulations again, very well done. [Stan] Thank you very much, appreciate it, thank you so much, alrighty thank you everybody, we’ll, as we always say, (uh) if you’re sitting on a sofa, you’re wasting time come on out, Happy Motoring, [Lou Ann] Happy Motoring, see ya.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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