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Hey there, just wanted to take a minute to say “hey”…
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey everybody this is Stan Dale your President of Florida Suncoast BMW it’s good to see you, good to be back with you. Just want to give you a real quick update. Hey we just finished our first Annual Board Meeting and an Annual Planning Session here in Lakeland Florida. Had folks Area Governors and Officers and Board Members from all over the state here with us today planning for some really cool events. Wanted to call your attention to a couple of things coming up. Hey we have Revs coming up April of 3rd on Friday we have a lot of folks already signed up for it you’ve never seen this collection of cars you need to be a part of that. We have several other events coming up across the state in short order, we have Chase the Sun coming up in the Jacksonville area, we have the Cars and Picnic in Jacksonville coming up as well. Brooksville. We have the first breakfast run coming up and check that out for those folks up in Brooksville. And then coming in May, Ride to the Ranch. Something in the planning stages for this Fall we have One Designed Kart Racing. I think those guys that really want to race but don’t want to scratch up their BMW wheels. Hey you want to check this out it’s going to be a blast. Glad to have you get involved. Check out the events on the e-blast every Friday morning around 8 o’clock. Good to see you.

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