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Hey everybody, this is Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW Chapter. Hope you’re doing well. Hey a lot of things on the queue tonight (uh) before we get started and I’m gonna have to revert to some notes because they’re pretty deep, but (uh) congratulations to all the chapter members that came out participated in the uh (in the uh) 2022 10th Annual BIG Show this past weekend and congratulations to George Connell who (had the pres) who received the President’s Award for a 1979 Bauer. I’ll tell you is a really nice car, beautiful car and we had a lot of other chapter members out that took top (top uh) billing in there (in their) classes. Take a look at the website (uh) our Webmaster Carol has already got those up and (uh) all the cars and and things on the on our website so take a peek at that and if you didn’t attend man you missed a great show (um) hope you can get in for the 11th coming up next March so uh so do that. A couple local things coming up of course, cars and coffees all over the place and some other action items and those types of things that are going on but I want to give you tonight a little update on some special stuff and first I’m going to start with March 20 (March 20th uh) talked to Erwin Block who’s over the Z group here in Fort Myers it’s going to be a photo op/meet and greet and they’re going to do that at Top Golf take a look at the links below I think Carol’s already loaded those in for the meet and greet it’s a photo op so come on out (uh) gonna be a ton of Zs there. Good friend of ours is gonna be showing the Z1 and a Z8 (uh) really nice pair of cars so come out take a look at those and bring your Z’s on out bring if you’re a chapter member come on out just (uh) just take advantage of it. There is gonna be a dinner at Top Golf restaurant (uh) following that. So you’re welcome to join that if you’d like to do. March 27th up in Crescent City, this is up in the Jacksonville area (uh) Cindy and Tim Wing are hosting the Fourth Annual Cars and Picnic in their in their yard and I think last year we saw a video of a drone flying over the event. A lot of folks out there, so a lot of chapter members up in that NorthEast (NorthEast) quadrant of the state up in the Jaxs area, come on out take advantage of that anybody that’s out for a good drive on that day check the links below, Tim would like to get an RSVP so he knows how much to buy but (uh) hey it’s on it’s on Tim and and Cindy, they’re (they’re) hosting the event so come on out meet some fellow BMWers and (uh) have a great time. (uh) Let’s talk about a (uh) April the 8th and 9th in Greer, South Carolina is the upcoming BMW CCA MX1. This is the M celebration (uh) M Chapter day at the Performance Center et cetera, so if you’re not involved in that (uh) man you’re going to miss a really great show you don’t have to be just an M member to attend anybody can go do that but it’s going to be a huge celebration with the 50th of the M version so take advantage of that see the links below go to the CCA site and see some information there as well. Ton of things going on events, drives, etc so you want to check that out if you want to have a great weekend (uh) head up to South Carolina gonna be (gonna be) a cool event. April 6th and (uh) 6th through the 8th HSR and IMSA come together for the Sebring Spring Fling featuring a one hour BRM enduro so if you’re interested in something like that check out the HSR website you’ll get the information there and you can check that out all of those folks would love to go out to Sebring that’s always a great event but this is a HSR IMSA combination event so (uh) hang on out there, head on out there have some great time. June 3rd through the 5th is BMW Club HPDE. This is an invitation coming to us from the Buckeye Chapter and this is going to be at the NCM Motorsport Park. It’s a 3.15 mile track that’s going to be first class instruction, lots of track time on that, Mark Arnold has sent the invitation out across the country. If you’re a track guru you want to get out and just really have some fun let me just say, hey here’s another opportunity mid (mid mid) country go out and take advantage. Thanks Mark for giving us the heads up hopefully we get some folks up there. We just finished our track day at Roebling (uh) we had about a, I don’t, know three, four, five of our folks that headed up there. I know Rich, one of our members here, in the (in the) Fort Myers area headed on up and (uh) participated in that had a blast ton of track time by the way so we’re looking forward to another Roebling outing and then news flash news flash got this one from LouAnn Shirk. LouAnn, if you don’t know LouAnn, LouAnn as our executive Vice President of the CCA, just put this together sent this to me said we could get this out on the airways. I think it was already out in the BimmerLife magazine if you if you’ve already seen or received your (your) edition of that but (uh) this is (uh) Indianapolis Motor Speedway, August the 9th and 10th. This is a women’s driving event, sorry guys, this isn’t your day but this is for the women. This is a high-end driving event on the track at Indianapolis. She’s already inked the deal with them. It’s (uh it’s) a great thing. Hey heads up there’s another special uh announcement coming about Indianapolis, I won’t spoil this prize but I’ll just give you a tickler here, there’s more news coming around in Indianapolis but August the 9th and 10th, ladies it’s your day grab the bimmer send the husband off to the grocery store and head on up to Indianapolis Motor Speedway you will have a just a blast. A lot of other things coming up too, as I’ll just remind you, we’re heading to Daytona, November 6th, that’s HSR event Rick, I’ll shout out to Rick Goolsbee, over at HSR for giving us the head nod and the guarantee we will be doing a drive on at the Daytona Motor Speedway, so watch for the link. We’re working on hotel rooms and all those types of things, there’ll be activities on Friday night, we’ll go to the track on Saturday morning we’ll have a blast, we’ll have a corral, we’ll get fed (uh) CCA (us) Florida SunCoast is going to put on the free food for all of our members that go up there on Saturday and ,do a drive on. So if you’ve never driven your car on Daytona which I guarantee you most of you haven’t, (uh) this is one you want to add to the record books and (and) put on your list of “I did it at that (at that) track” so if you’ve never been to Daytona track alone, it’s so impressive. You got to see it, it’s huge and this will be a huge event, so come on out and be with us. Again, we’re planning for the Sebring event (uh) track on day. That’ll be in the first weekend in December, I think it’s December the 6th, but November the 6th at Daytona, December the 6th at Sebring and (uh) we got more coming. We’re looking at a drive maybe to the North Carolina mountains. We’re trying to get that lined up and some other drives, maybe another Roebling event between now and then we’ll keep you posted. Go out to your Cars and Coffees let’s open up some of the some dinners and those types of things check out the OCC up in the (uh) Saint Pete/Clearwater area on Tuesday (uh) second Tuesday night check out the (um) gasoline and (uh uh and uh) what is it (uh) Cars and Gasoline, I think, what it is, I can’t remember what it is right now, in Sarasota on the fourth Saturday morning and (uh) just check out all your folks and come on out let’s have a great time. From us to you, have a safe week and as we always say, “happy motoring” thanks all, see you soon.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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