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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey we’re back here (uh) got a full slate and of a calendar things to talk to you about (uh) and (uh) got a little little toy in the background new I’m going to debut this at our Cars and Coffee (uh) upcoming in Fort Myers this month so give you a little sneak peek here and (uh) we’ll get to take a little closer look when we get there the car’s the coffee on on Saturday (uh) the 18th so a couple things we’re working on (uh) let me tell you that I got a full slate I just got to read it off the paper I used to memorize this stuff when we’ve got so much I can’t memorize it anymore so (uh) forgive me I’m gonna look down and up and try to get through this so (uh) just kind of ton of things going on. Up in the Panhandle excuse me, Panama City area our new Area Governor up there, Chris Schroeder, on the 9th is having the first Panama City/Forgotten Coast Bimmers & Dinner so Chris (uh) congratulations. I think by the time everybody sees this we’ll already passed that. It was actually last night so the inaugural dinner but I will be getting up there I’ll be getting up to all the Panhandle events here in just a few weeks, so looking forward to that but Chris thank you, welcome aboard, glad to glad to get this thing kicked off. On the 12th we have Jon Schneider’s breakfast on the rooftop at the Wyvern in Port Charlotte and that’s on the 12th (um) just a beautiful hotel setting (uh) and great Sunday morning opportunity jump up there and Jon packs them up there 25-30 folks up there. (uh the) The Z Club joins us there and all the folks (uh) all the folks with the Z club we just appreciate them and (uh) Irwin Block is just an amazing (uh) partner in this process and Irwin brings much of his guys from the Z group down so join Jon up there on the (uh) on the rooftop. On the 18th, it’s Cars and Coffee in Fort Myers. (uh) Mario and Carol anchor that one (uh) come on out we have a great time there appreciate that. Tony up in St Pete/Clearwater area the OCC is on the 21st and then when we look at (uh) then we would look at the 25th Kevin’s Bimmers Brews and (um) Bimmers, Bends & Brews on the 25th and this time we’re changing the restaurant (uh) I think it’s just across the parking lot but it’s gonna we’re gonna go to Treble Makers it’s like a Piano Bar kind of thing for lunch so come out and join Kevin for (uh) for a zesty drive through some curvy roads of Florida. On the 25th also Meribeth Culver is hosting the Gainesville Meet & Greet at the Medici, I think I said that right, (um) that’s the lunch up at Celebration (uh) Celebration Point so (uh) come on up to the if you’re out in the Gainesville area, you’re out in The Villages, Ocala area, go up and meet with Meribeth another recently new Area Governor that’s just making some great time with it, so (uh) thank you Meribeth keep it up. Rob is hosting the BMW Sarasota (um) on the first of the month (um) I think that’s April 1st and take a look this is (uh this is) amazing, I think we had 30 cars out last week the other week for (uh) BMW Sarasota Cars and Coffee so come on out and join us it’s just a great event a lot of folks (uh) finding out about that and (and) let’s see if we get 50 cars on the parking lot I think we can, come on out let’s join Rob and (um) and Fran and (um and uh) you know our Senior Board member Mr Garvey, come on out and join us guys they’re doing a great job. Courtney up in the Panhandle in Fort Walton Beach (uh) is doing the Spring Country Drive, had a great turnout last year so Courtney over in the Panhandle there is getting ready to do the spring drop that’s on April 1st also (uh) Saturday should be a beautiful drive a bunch of curvy roads and I hear there might be barbecue in (in the in) the deal, so you might want to just check out Courtney’s stuff down below and (and) get involved with that. Justin on the 6th of April in Pensacola is doing a Meet and Eat (uh) that’s at the Bavaria in Pensacola so come on out and join Justin and those guys and (uh) join a little get a little German (German) appetite go in there (uh) come out and and see everybody and then we’ve moved the Revs or Revs, whichever way you want to say, I think it’s Revs We’ve move the Revs event to April 21st. We just had some conflicts with early April so we’ve moved it back until April 21st, this is probably one of the top three premier car collections in the world literally stuck down and quietly stuck down here in Naples so check out the RSVP below we’ve made some changes and now I think a lot more folks are going to be able to attend so check that out. Mario and Carol hosting the Revs adventure down there on the 21st of April and we’ll get you all signed up and doing for that. A lot of stuff going on a lot of great things going on (um) I’ve got an interview that’s going to go on down below with one of our good friends John Burnham up (uh) from our (uh) Sarasota Cars and Coffee this past week and John’s got this amazing M3 take a look I think the video may have cut off just after we did the interior but you can you’re going to see an amazing engine box and an interior, so check down below see that video and (uh) just to make a couple amazing things we’ve got a few other things maybe. (uh) Go out on our gallery we have all the pictures from The BIG Show all the winners and I think we had three or four of our chapter members take home trophies this past week (uh) in the BIG Show in the German category for BMW. I think we swept I think FSC, if I’m (if I’m) saying this right, I think FSC swept all the BMW categories so just an amazing turnout appreciate everybody on that take a look in the gallery and you can see all of our virtually all of our outings on the gallery down there so see pictures and people and places and all the fun that we have just a big big (uh) big thanks that helped Carol helps put together but I think you’ll enjoy that, put it on a wide screen because I enjoy it the colors are just amazing. So until then, hey get off the sofa come on out and play (uh), if you’re not and you’re missing a big big thing until then, Happy motoring y’all see you next time.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

From BMW of Sarasota Cars and Coffee


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