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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey (uh) trying to get in the last one of the latter (uh) videos of this (uh) time change season before it got dark. I apologize last week for a little too dark on the (uh on the) video so we’ll try to do better as we go forward. Hey we’re just rookies. So (uh uh) some of you bought astute (uh) viewers may notice a change in the background, there’s not a red (um) German car in the garage anymore. We’ve replaced that with (uh) with the 2009 e93 hardtop convertible so (uh) we’ll see what happens there. (uh) We’ll tell you all about the details at some point in time. Hey we’re going to change up a little bit instead of me reading all the (uh all the uh) events I’m gonna put you it right in touch. I noticed that today Carol has made some changes in how we sort our (sort our) events columns. We’ve crisscrossed some (some) Regional Areas so that you can see what’s happening north of you south of you east or west of you depending on where you live, so that you can see events just in your area and just in the areas immediate to you. You can still look across the entire state and see everything we have going on but this will make it a quick view for you (uh) in your (uh in your) particular region. So I hope that helps, your feedback helps us continually modify, try to improve and do those things and our kudos out to Carol. Let me tell you two things we’re working on right now we’re working on a static cling (uh) emblem that’s about (uh) should be about two and a half by three two by three something like, that with (uh) with Florida SunCoast new logo on it and (uh) we should have those (off the) hot off the press here in just a couple of weeks. We’ll have them in our inventory at that point in time we’re going to tell you how you can get (uh) two of them for (uh) for just a self-step stamped self-addressed envelope all you gotta do is send it to (uh) to our (um) our mailbox and we’ll stick two of those in and turn it right around to you and shoot it right back at you so it should be should be really nice. We’ll start to be able to identify other club members and those types of things as you’re driving up down the street you run up on a BMW in your local region you’ll know whether they are or you should know whether they are or not a chapter member it’s just a little cool thing we (uh) that we’ll (uh) we’re supplying to all of our members. Second thing we’re working on we talked about this in the fourth quarter and here we are we’re now pushing it through, we’ve got approval and we’re going to prepare for it, is (uh) we’re gonna open up a wearables portion on our website. So (um) it’s gonna be (uh) it’ll have a women’s wearables, men’s wearables, shirts, jackets, hats (uh) some – a mix of some other things (uh) but with the with the new logo on there so if you want to get them this should be reasonably priced but you now can be proud to wear the Florida SunCoast logo to your chapter events and are out and about (uh) to the car wash or pharmacy wherever you go, wherever you (you) frequent, you’ll be able to have a pride factor with our logo, so look for that coming (uh) we’ll roll that out in the coming days but we’re excited about it we think we’ve finally made the connection (um) if everything goes right we should have that out we should have that out to you shortly so we’re working on those two (uh) those two pieces I think are sort of exciting and allow us to have a little bit of bragging rights on our on our logo as always check your events down below, ton of things going on (uh) we’re coming up on the BIG show this weekend (uh) March 5th and (uh) we’ll have a I think we’ve got 20 plus BMWs in the in the show (we) I think we have the largest collection of cars in the German section of the of the British Italian German car show and I know this weekend is also (um) the (uh) we’re on concours up at (um) well the show (up) upstate so (uh) that little car show is going on this weekend as well so I know there’s some folks up there enjoying that. Hope you get some pictures as well. (um) So March the 11th is a Saturday, Florida SunCoast is hosting the South Atlantic Region Chapters. All the chapters in the South Atlantic group from Washington DC out to the Mississippi River and all South, Presidents, Treasurers and other members of their chapters are coming in for the second of two gatherings. So we’ll be meeting in Tampa on Saturday the March the 11th an all-day meeting for the CCA but your host your chapter here Florida SunCoast is hosting that event so we look forward to seeing all those folks from other chapters that watch us on this channel (uh) we’ll be glad to have you in Florida to host you there and hope we have a great time we’ll do a lot of good CCA business so glad to (uh) glad to be able to host that and bring that around. So until then as we say get off the sofa, come on and play. We’d love to meet you love to see you out at our events a lot of things going on I I’m heading up this Saturday to the Cars and Coffee at BMW Sarasota so getting to see those folks up there and then Sunday (this Sunday) will be the BIG Show over in Cape Coral. A lot of other things happening, tonight as I’m making this video I know they’re doing dinner up in the Panhandle and we have a couple of new things coming up. So look (look) at the events down below as we build this puppy out. Until then, we’ll see you then, Happy Motoring everybody, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA

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