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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey, here we are at the end of June going into July, a ton of things happening just got back from the MiX (uh) came up with a bunch of folks (uh) spent a lot of time with the friends last week trying to get a MiX video up for you. An interview with me and Larry (uh) Cobb and (uh) see if I can get that loaded hopefully we can get it on this week if not it’ll be next week. A ton of things on the calendar as I’m sitting here looking the (uh) Sarasota Cars and Coffee comes up this Saturday (uh) on the 1st (uh) the 8th (uh) the Lakeland (uh) Cars and Coffee and I gotta tell you my email is blowing up with RSVPs. It should be a really fat event over in Lakeland at Field’s BMW (um) we have our new host over there and (uh) Kyle’s doing a great job. Kyle is (uh) sort of kicked it off last month and (uh) I gotta believe the parking lot will be full this month. It’s just sort of crazy how that’s going to go. (uh) On the 14th we have our Friday Night Social uptown. That’s with Kevin Tipton (uh) there at Channelside at the top of the parking deck. Last last month we had 30 cars there, that thing keeps growing as well Friday Night Social. I got to get there, that’s just the some of the photographs that are coming out of are just absolutely amazing. So (uh) if you get a chance on a Friday night, you got looking for something to do 6:30 Channelside top of the parking deck and (um) it’s a blast I promise you and of course on the 15th we have (uh) the (uh) Fort Myers Cars and Coffee coming up (uh) on the 15th also we have the Panama City Summer Fun Run so we got a drive going on (uh) going over to Charlie Coram’s Place (uh) Panama City so (uh) got that up and going (uh) thanks for Chris over the Panama City area. I spent a few hours a half an hour with them a couple weeks ago when I was up in that territory so a lot of fun. Pensacola/Fort Walton I’m on my way I’m getting out there I promise you (um) and Jacksonville I’ll see you soon as well (uh) that also means I have to go see Ocala and (uh and) all the folks there Meribeth and all the folks there so a lot of things happening. (um) We’re gonna park the (uh we’re gonna park the uh) OCC on the 18th we’re canceling that (uh) temporarily. We’re looking at what we’re going to do but I think just the (uh the the) turnout for this month just July a lot of people have things on the calendar things doing so we’re going to park that a little bit and (um) I have a new announcement, Jeff Cunningham, who is a pretty much regular there at the OCC Roadhouse deal, Jeff is taking over as the Area Governor. Tony is (uh) moving back to a home state and (uh) we appreciate Tony’s energy the last year or so and (uh) really has done well. We’re gonna miss him , really neat guy, a lot of people know Tony and (uh and) and we’re going to miss him and (and) Tony thank you for all you’ve done (uh) but Jeff I know you and I have known each other for a couple of years and (uh) we’re looking forward to this. Jeff has some experience in a prior chapter and (uh) I know along with some help with Heidi (uh) and other and others (um) Al and (and) the like we’re gonna we’re gonna make the OCC and or (uh) a couple other opportunities in that area really really kick so stay tuned to that. Gainesville on the 22nd is the Meet and Greet lunch at Ford’s Garage that should be a blast so (uh) I think that’s a combination of the Gainesville group that’s Meribeth this that’s Meribeth best (uh) group there in Gainesville at Ford’s Garage. If you haven’t been to Ford’s Garage what a neat place what a neat outfit those guys do a do a really good burger but they also do a really (uh) cool atmosphere. (uh) We’re gonna cancel the Bimmers, Bends and Brews drive for a little bit, probably just through the summer but we’re gonna we’re gonna bring it back (uh) Kevin’s got some ideas about some (uh some uh some) new things happening so (uh) we’re gonna take a break in July on the on the drive and then (uh) and then we start up our August deal again with Sarasota and (and) the like so stay tuned. In August we kick off the next Naples (uh) Cars and Coffee so that’ll be on the (uh) that’ll be on the agenda I think the 13th of (uh) excuse me April August (uh August uh August) 13th so (um) that that’ll kick off the Naples thing I think it’ll become a regular event then so. A lot of things happening (um) I’m here you can see I’m sort of not at home I don’t even have on my turtleneck (uh) but (uh) I don’t even have one of my cars I got a rental (uh) we’re (we’re) here in the mountains of North Carolina putting the finishing touches on the October Mountain Drive. (uh) The thing is sold out we’ve got a waiting list and I’m working this week to finalize all the details (uh) so we’ll have a great trip in October so looking forward to that and (uh) sometime I think it’s in August the Z group is going to (the Z group is going to) Missouri I think (uh) for a nice little drive with a with a stay over somewhere up just north of Panama City Mariana something like that, so look for more details coming out and (um) listen a ton of things happening even through the summer we’re pretty busy. So (uh) stay tuned (um) and come on out get off the sofa let’s go have some fun until then, Happy Motoring y’all, see you soon, bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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